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Lee Rosen
Portrayed By David Strathairn
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen God's Eye
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Family Danielle Rosen (daughter)


Dr. Lee Rosen was a preeminent neurologist and psychiatrist with a long history of hands-on work with patients suffering from neurological disorders. He began investigating the Alpha phenomenon after discovering that his daughter was one. As a result, his career has within the last few years been focused on the study of "alphas" and subsequently has become the unconventional leader of the DOD-sponsored team of Alphas.

Season 1[]

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Season 2[]

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Lee's most evident character trait is his empathy. Serving largely as a therapist, while recruiting Alphas, he made sure to address both their control over their abilities and their underlying psychological issues. While Lee prefers to avoid violence and would rather end hostilities through speech, by the second season, he had become notably disillusioned given the threat of Stanton Parish, he had accepted that fighting was the only option.

By the time of Eli Aquino's assassination, he becomes more reserved and particularly paranoid, no longer trusting the DoD and going so far as to not only keep them out of the loop when it comes to cases, but even hiding the truth of events that unfolded during them. After the incident in Alphaville and upon realizing that one of his own has been notifying Stanton Parish of their movements, Lee decided that he must withhold information until Bill (the only one he truly trusts) can find the party responsible.


His occupation led to his work with Alphas — ordinary people with very extraordinary abilities known as Alpha Skills. Connecting at some point with the Department of Defense, Rosen was able to tap into their resources, including a rich vein of research including the MK-Ultra experiments of the 1960's.

His work has led to the formation of a group of highly evolved humans specializing in solving Alpha-related cases, sponsored by the DoD. While Rosen spends most of his time finding (and often restraining) discovered Alphas, he also leads personal and group therapy with his team, working to understand the Alpha condition.

Though not an Alpha himself, he has become the unconventional leader of the team and his nurturing personality and fatherly wisdom are instrumental in holding the group together when stresses and personality conflicts threaten to tear them apart.

It was recently discovered in episode Original Sin, that Rosen has a daughter named Danielle, who's an Alpha with a past with Stanton Parish.

Physical Appearance[]

Rosen was a white male. He was growing old, and due to that, his hair was white. He was physically fit owing to his healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet and swimming two miles daily.


  • It was revealed that he had a dark manipulative side when his daughter was nine. By unknown means he discovered her ability of Empathetic Contagion and any time he argued with his wife, he'd trick his daughter into using her powers to save his failing marriage.
  • Rosen had also been compared to Charles Xavier, due to his goal of trying to unite humanity and Alphas.
  • Rosen had an eclectic taste in music, but quite a bit of it seems to come from the early 1970s, when he was presumably a twenty-something. He was obviously something of a musicologist.