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Lance Casey
Portrayed By Phillip Jarrett
Lance Casey
First Seen The Quick and the Dead
Last Seen The Quick and the Dead
Status Living
Gender Male


Dr. Lance Casey is doctor who had a patient that is an Alpha. He is abducted by his old patient, but is soon rescued.

Physical Appearance[]

Casey is an African-American male. He is a tall man of an average build, and sports a shaved head.


Season 2[]

"The Quick and the Dead"[]

Eli Aquino, a victim of growing old rapidly, seeks help from his old doctor, Casey. He then takes Casey, to a warehouse, but the man admits that he doesn’t remember seeing Eli. Cameron and Bill trace the doctor’s cell phone and arrive in time to shoot the knife out of Eli’s hand. Eli runs off and Bill amps up to follow him, but fails to make a turn and smashes into a dumpster while Eli escapes.

Later, Bill and Rosen talk to Dr. Casey, who doesn’t recognize Eli as a patient until they show him a younger photo of Eli. Casey recognizes Westman as a doctor who worked with him at the Yankee Medical Group in Stamford, CT. They were working on pediatric hyperactivity and Casey administered the brainwave entrainment therapy. It’s a highly controversial theory but Casey insists that the parents signed the proper papers and they achieved some significant research.

Casey is set as bait and is, luckily, not caught. Though Eli is killed sometime after.