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Kathy Sullivan
Portrayed By Valerie Cruz
Kathy Sullivan
First Seen Cause & Effect
Status Living
Gender Female

Goverment Agent

Kathy Sullivan is an agent with an unidentified Department of Defense agency who temporarily took over Don Wilson's role overseeing the operations of Dr. Lee Rosen's Group. She became the permanent liaison after Don Wilson was killed and turned into a recurring character.


In Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure she was the one to pull strings to get Bill and Gary out of jail.


Kathy Sullivan is in many ways the DoD counterpart to Lee Rosen, being equally adept at momentary truths and eliciting the desired response from others. She is highly conscientious and task-oriented, but doesn't appear to let her feelings cloud her judgment, when she has feelings. She certainly doesn't display any great regard for the team as people, only as a DoD asset.