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Portrayed By Erin Way
First Seen Alpha Dogs
Status Living
Gender Female
Alpha Type Adomopathic

Who are you guys, anyway?

—Kat, on Rosen's Team

Kat is the newest member of Rosen's Team. Kat is a "free-spirited young loner" who can pick up any skill at a single glance, perfect muscle memory. The only problem is that her memories are very short-lived, and her new skill can fade pretty quickly. Becoming a member of the team provides a purpose and direction for Kat and working with Dr. Rosen, may help her reclaim her lost past. She is an Adomopathic Alpha. Kat is the most tenacious/stubborn in Rosen's Team.

Physical Appearance

Kat is a white female. She has shoulder-length blonde hair. She is small and looks fragile, but due to her ability, appearances can be deceiving.



Not much is known about Kat's ability. She has Adoptive Muscle Memory, Adomopathic Alpha, which allows her to copy anything on observation. The downside of Kat's ability is that she retains memories for only a month.

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