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Jonas Englin
Portrayed By Garret Dillahunt
Seen In A Short Time in Paradise
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age Late 30's
Family Father (deceased)


Alpha Type Bliss Inducement

Jonas is an Alpha with the ability of Bliss Inducement. He runs a cult in Connecticut made up of ex-addicts and other damaged people. The drawback of Jonas' ability causes death.


At an AA meeting that Hicks is attending, non-alcoholic Jonas speaks up and says he can help everyone there. An angelic glow spreads from Jonas. The next morning, an uncharacteristically happy Hicks shows up in Nina’s bedroom, inviting her to come meet Jonas.

Later on, Bill attempts to rescue them, but Jonas uses his Alpha ability on him as well, preventing him from saving Hicks and Nina, who believe they need no saving. He then plans on burning down his place believing it will save the people but when Dr. Rosen comes and saves people from his ability but just when Jonas is about to use his ability on Rosen, Dr. Rosen shoots him in the face preventing him from killing everyone.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jonas has the ability to stimulate the pineal gland, leading to a drug like feeling of peace in his victims (compared to speedballing). Those affected see lights, holy visions, and are easy to influence. However, continued use of ability will eventually kill those affected.


Jonas helping people "see the light"


  • Jonas' father (and presumably mother) died in a cult mass suicide.
  • Jonas was inexplicably unaffected by Nina's induction attempt.