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I figured while we're on stakeout, you should get to at least choose how I smell. Which really sounded a whole lot better in my head.

—Bennett, asking Rachel Pirzad which soap she likes better.

John Bennett
Portrayed By Steve Byers
John B
First Seen Alpha Dogs
Also Known As


Status Living
Gender Male
Family Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Dad
Unnamed Brother

Tactical Analysis

John Bennett is the new head of tactical analysis in the second season, assigned by the DoD, for Rosen's Team. He is taking the spot over from Nathan Clay.

Physical Appearance[]

Bennett has blond hair and an athletic build. He also smells like Old Spice. It is revealed in "When Push Comes to Shove" he was caught in an explosion, and has burns that cover 35% of his body.


John's father and two sisters are both in the military. Also, his mom is a cop. John was under pressure when he chose to be in analysis.


Season 2[]

"Alpha Dogs"[]

Lee Rosen goes into the headquarters, with Rachel Pirzad. As they get to the office, she notices someone reeking of cologne and goes to find him. In Bill’s office she meets their new tactical agent, John Bennett, Rachel tells him to tone down the body spray.

Bill, Hicks, Rachel, and John go to the address that night and Rachel hears people cheering inside. She needs a closer look to smell the acid and Bill has her stay in the SUV with John while he and Hicks go in.

Outside, Rachel catches a whiff of a scent but complains to John that she can’t get past his scent. She gets out of the SUV, follows the odor, and calls Hicks to tell him that the killer is there. Rachel walks down an alleyway following the scent and a man comes out. She notices an acid burn on his neck and the man says that someone named Ivan Bazevich spit on him. John comes over and gets in the newcomers face, and the man says that he’s going to kick Bazevich’s ass when the Alpha shows up. As they go back to the van, Rachel thanks John for coming after her.

After joining a fight with an Alpha, Bill loses, he and Hicks go out to join the others, who give them the name of the acid spitter. John has already confirmed that he served a term upstate.

The next day, John comes by Rachel’s office and explains that he picked up different soaps so she could pick the least offensive. Happy that he came by, Rachel thanks him for his consideration.

Later that night, Bill and Hicks arrive at the fight club and Bill notices that Kat isn’t there. Bill volunteers to fight and the managers let him in. An Alpha with a flexible body takes the challenge. As he bounces back and forth over Bill, Bill simply concentrates and draws on his power. He then throws a single punch, knocking him out as the crowd cheers.

Outside, Rachel and John are running stakeout on the building. They talk about how military service runs in the Bennett family. Rachel picks up the scent of acid and tracks it to the car that Bazevich used to drive there.

The manager tells Kat that some people want to talk to her about a high-paying job. She agrees and goes off with the two people, who are dressed in suits. They take her out to the SUV that Rachel identified, and Hicks and Bill join John and Rachel to follow Kat.

As they approach an abandoned factory, Rachel picks up Bazevich’s acid scent. She can hear hospital machines and respirators, weaponry, and security systems. John calls in backup as Rachel tells her team that she can hear Kat being gassed unconscious and then prepped for surgery. Bill insists on going in immediately and Hicks reluctantly follows him.

Bill storms in, yelling for Kat, but is forced to retreat when some of the security machine. He grabs a vending machine and uses it as a shield, shoving it ahead of him and knocking out the men. Continuing on, Bill finds a room filled with Alphas unconscious and hooked up to machines. He finds Kat and frees her, unaware that a mercenary is preparing to shoot him. Hicks deflects the bullet while John takes down the shooter.

Later, Rachel visits John at the office and gives him the perfect soap. She finally works up the nerve to invite him out to dinner. John points out that it would be unprofessional for them to date when they’re working together and Rachel walks away, embarrassed.