Jessica Elkhart
Portrayed By Isabella Hofmann
First Seen Never Let Me Go
Status Living
Gender Female
Alpha Type Pheromone Generator

Jessica Elkhart is a Pheromone Generator Alpha. She uses her hormones and touches someone, making them feel addicted. Elkhart is now residing at Binghamton Special Research Facility.



It was first explained that her son died in a car accident but it is later discovered this accident was actually a suicide. She also claims her husband died from cancer when her son was twelve, but later revealed to be her fault.

Elkhart discovered her ability when her son, Chris, was born. She "felt this overwhelming rush of love" and soon learned she could make others feel the same way. It wasn't until after her son died that she discovered that her ability had negative consequences. She discovered this because her husband confided in her that he knew about their son being bullied in school but did nothing. She told him she never wanted to see him again, the next day he was dead.

Rosen tells Nina that Elkhart's ability or "oxytocin bond" works both ways. Since the death of her son, Jessica is experiencing a psychotic postpartum depression, which means she is not fully rational.

Season 1

She is the cause for the deaths of several towns people, due to their poor treatment to her son. Jessica justifies her murders by calling it "justice." She attempts to do the same to Rachel Pirzard by treating her kindly and showing her the level of understanding and love Rachel has always dreamed of having with her own mother. When Rachel figures out who she is and what she has done Jessica tries to kill her by inducing a withdrawal by physically slapping Rachel and telling her "I don't love you. I want you to die." After leaving Rachel to die she is shown at the local coaches house trying to kill him in the same way as her other victims. The stands outside the house and arrests her as she comes out. Jessica desperately pleas to Rachel that she killed the others because of the loss of her son. She is then taken away.

Physical Appearance

Jessica is a white female. She has motherly features and has brown hair. She is also lanky.

Powers and Abilities

Jessica pheromones passively emanates from her at all times induces pleasure and contentment in other beings, causing them to feel good around her, granting her overwhelming charisma. Beings who are exposed to this will feel content, and even happy, regardless of their situation, and if exposed for prolonged period of time they will become addicted to it; they may begin to feel uneasy without being exposed to it for a certain period of time. Jessica causes the brain and body of others to produce oxytocin which creates an overwhelming feeling of love, pleasure and contentment, giving others a powerful emotional attraction and addiction to her. When she destroys the bond by expressing hatred to the person she has used her ability on they go into a fatal withdrawal as their bodies produce a lethal amount of cortisol. She can magnify these feelings of pleasure, contentment, etc. by touching her target.

The affected targets remain fully themselves, but can't help but long for the Jessica's favor and affection, and can't bring themselves to cause her harm except as a last resort, like an irreplaceable treasure too precious to be lost. It should be noted that she does not need to do anything, her mere presence attracts attention, charms and seduces others, and makes others feel appreciation, respect, submission, obedient and devotion towards her.


  • The withdrawal symptoms her victims experience is caused by an over production of cortisol, which can be counter-balanced by oxytocin.
  • From Jessica's description, her Alpha ability manifested when her son was born, indicating that Alpha abilities do not necessarily manifest at birth or puberty.
  • Jessica Jonas, and Dr Rosen's Daughter both have alphas skills that cause withdrawl symptoms.
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