Jeff Kowalka
Portrayed By Jameson Kraemer
First Seen Wake Up Call
Last Seen Wake Up Call
Also Known As


Status Alive
Gender Male
Age Unknown


Alpha Type Alphatype-hyperadrenal Hyperadrenal

Jeff Kowalka is a thief who appears with the Throat Singing Alpha and Megan Bates, and appears to be the leader of the group. He is a Hyperadrenal Alpha and used his power to fend of Bill, so the three can escape. He and Singer are able to escape, but not Meg.

Physical Appearance

Jeff is a white male is heavy-set. He has short brown hair, since he is heavy weight, it may appear he is strong.


Season 2

Wake Up Call

Hicks and Bill continue to work for the DoD. In an attempt to capture a trio of Alphas who have been pulling off armed robberies, they end up in a confrontation, where Jeff is the one fighting Bill, while the two other suspects use sonic and electrogenic abilities for distraction. The Sonic Alpha and him get away as Hicks is not able to stop them.

They are both seen later meeting with Stanton Parrish for an attack on a train.


Jeff is able to get "amped up" and can even defeat other Hyperadrenals. He is able to lift Bill Harken.

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