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Jeff Kowalka
Portrayed By Jameson Kraemer
First Seen Wake Up Call
Last Seen God's Eye
Also Known As


Status Living
Gender Male
Age Unknown


Alpha Type Alphatype-hyperadrenal Hyperadrenal

Jeff "Dumpy" Kowalka is a thief who appears with the Throat Singing Alpha and Megan Bates, and seems to be the leader of the group. He is a Hyperadrenal Alpha and used his power to fend off Bill, so the three could escape. He and Singer are able to escape, but not Meg. He is a recurring henchman of Scipio and Parrish.

Physical Appearance[]

Jeff is a white male and heavy-set. He has short brown hair and since he is large and stocky, he looks strong and sturdily built.


Season 2[]

Wake Up Call[]

Hicks and Bill continue to work for the DoD. In an attempt to capture a trio of Alphas who have been pulling off armed robberies, they end up in a confrontation, where Jeff is the one fighting Bill, while the two other suspects use sonic and electrogenic abilities for distraction. The Sonic Alpha and him get away as Hicks is not able to stop them.

They are both seen later meeting with Stanton Parrish for an attack on a train.

The Devil Will Drag You Under[]

Bill and Nina are in the field following Gary's directions to Scipio, who is robbing the Darpa Storage Facility with Jeff. The two Alphas burn and bludgeon their way through the security forces. Jeff is seen shooting mutliple DARPA employees. Also, when three tactical men close in on him, Jeff throws a high-tech voltaic grenade high into the air. By the time that Bill, Nina, and the guards recover, the three intruders have escaped. Cameron, Scipio, and Jeff rendezvous with the other Building 7 escapees. Cameron wonders what they stole but Scipio tells him that it's need-to-know. Jeff hands the duffel bags filled with voltaic grenades to a Red Flag operative and says "Be careful with that. It'll be like the 4th of July, but with dead people".

Later, Jeff is sent with Cornell Scipio and Kimi Milard to detonate the voltaic grenade van at the shipping depot. Before they can leave, Cameron jumps them and takes Jeff out. Jeff recovers, however, boosting his strength, and pushes Cameron against a wall. He then calls for Kimi, who comes out and pushes Cameron to shoot himself. Before he can, Bill arrives and punches Jeff, sending him across the room into the side of a pickup truck and falling unconscious.

Need to Know[]

Jeff is seen by Stanton Parish's side early in the episode. He later shoots Dr. Rosen, claiming he never saw the point of Parish's plan to keep Dr. Rosen alive. Unfortunately for him, Jeff recklessly ran out of bullets to finish the job so he just decides to leave Dr. Rosen for dead after hearing sirens.

God's Eye[]

Jeff is sitting on a bench with Stanton and tells him he shot Dr. Rosen after being told to keep him safe.  Stanton then threatens to stab Jeff with a pocket knife.  Later, Jeff is with a team shooting at Bill, Kat, Rachel and Skylar with him ending up being knocked out by Bill.


Jeff is able to get "amped up" and can even defeat other Hyperadrenals. He is able to lift Bill Harken.