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Jeannie Harken
Portrayed By Rachael Crawford
Jeannie Harken
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Female
Family Bill Harken (husband)


Jeannie Harken is the wife of Bill Harken. She loves her husband, and worries about the obvious stress and conflict in his worklife, particularly in the early episodes. She presumes he's going to rejoin the FBI, but only because he has always made that seem paramount to her.


In Pilot, she helped Bill compose himself and perform simple tasks when he was going into mental overload.

In Catch and Release it's revealed that she wants to have a baby and she does not know her husband is an Alpha.

Season 2[]

In Life After Death, Bill surprises her by suggesting that they take in Baby Adam, an infant with Alpha abilities, until they can find a permanent home for the baby. Jeannie agrees.


  • Jeannie refers to "Donna and Jerry" wanting the Harkens to visit the shore.