Jay Westman
Portrayed By Brian Kaulback
First Seen The Quick and the Dead
Last Seen The Quick and the Dead
Also Known As

Dr. Westman

Status Deceased
Gender Male
Family Caroline Westman - Wife


Dr. Jay Westman was a doctor who was killed by his patient Eli Aquino. His cheating wife, Caroline Westman is now planing his funeral.


Season 2

"The Quick and the Dead"

Eli Aquino is watching rain come down on cars in traffic. Walking between raindrops, he goes into a Japanese restaurant and finally spots the man he is looking for, Dr. Jay Westman. Eli grabs Westman and speeds out with him faster than anyone can see.

Rachel, Cameron, and Bill follow the odor trail to a fish processing plant at the docks. Rosen tells them that they need to go in immediately before the abductor harms his victim. Rachel insists on staying with the two men and they find a walk-in freezer with a handle that’s been wiped down. Cameron suggests that Bill amp up to rip the door open but Bill simply hits the release and they find the dead victim inside, stabbed with a screwdriver.

Soon after, Eli is assassinated by an unknown person.

Physical Apperance

Westman is a white male. He growing old and is missing some of his gray hair. He is heavy-set.

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