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Jason Miller
Portrayed By Connor Price
First Seen "Gaslight"
Last Seen "Gods and Monsters"
Status Living
Gender Male

High School Student

Alpha Type Sonic Sonic

Jason Miller is a sixteen year-old drowning victim whose alpha abilities manifested while in a coma.


Season 2[]

In the episode Gaslight, Jason emits an infrasound frequency while in a coma, which causes the team to hallucinate, including references to and visions of drowning, the cause of his coma. Rosen and Gary find Jason and use a cocktail of drugs to wake him, stopping the infrasound projection.

In the episode Gods and Monsters, Jason, used his ability to control the students in his high school.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jason generates infrasound waves, sonic energy below the normal frequency of human hearing (20hZ). Infrasound is the reason animals get agitated before an earthquake, and recent research shows that it may have a connection to human hallucinations, akin to a haunting. The brain perceives the vibrations, but being unable to interpret it as audible sound, it may reinterpret the energy as visual or auditory stimuli. Dr. Rosen theorizes that the alpha brain is much more sensitive to infrasound.

Whether Jason is able to control the infrasound or even the kinds of hallucination it creates is unclear. He is able to subconsciously (and possibly consciously) embed subliminal commands in the infrasound signals. If Jason perceives that he is drowning, some may have hallucinations involving drowning. There seems to be no consistent pattern in who does or doesn't receive the specific command, however. Rachel and Adam literally drowned, Bill simply saw a message saying "I'm drowning," and Cameron and Gary had hallucinations with no relationship to drowning.

In the episode Gods And Monsters it is revealed that Jason's ability has evolved dramatically due to the red flag experiments performed on him while in his coma. He is able to control the infrasound signal he generates to connect others to himself through touch. Using his infrasound he creates a signal that links multiple minds together forming a hive-mind. Once connected to the hive-mind everyone shares the same thoughts, emotions, desires, memories, etc. with Jason acting as the origin of the signal allowing him to influence those connected to him granting him total control of the entire collective similar to pushing. There is no limit to the number of people Jason can "collect" within the hive-mind and even if Jason is rendered unconscious the hive mind will still function. The downside to this evolved infrasound ability is potentially deadly. A prolonged connection to Jason creates a strain that causes the brain to effectively shut down causing a coma and eventual death unless Jason deactivates the hive-mind . Those connected to the hive-mind cannot be effected by influencers due to the fact that there will is connected to the will of others as Nina states "It felt like dozens of minds fighting back" When she attempted to push a member of Jason's collective. It's ironic that Jason naturally generates infrasound that causes people to feel uncomfortable and uneasy around him and thus avoid him and the only way he can get others to connect with him is by using this same ability which will potentially kill them.