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Isaac Hale
First Seen The Unusual Suspects
Last Seen Original Sin
Status Deceased
Gender Male

Red Flag Assassin

Alpha Type Necrotic Inducement

Isaac Hale was a Necrotic Inducement Alpha. Isaac was formerly a Red Flag assassin. Hunts Dani Rosen, tracking her down to a seedy apartment building. Just as he's about to kill Dani and Dr. Rosen, Hicks shoots him.


Season 1[]

He kills an old man who was the last of the members on the original alpha program and helps an unnamed red flag operative to take Dr. Rosen's form and infiltrate the Alpha's HQ to erase the MK-Ultra files on orders from the higher ups in command he guards the real unconscious Dr. Rosen and is later is ordered to kill him but fails and is injected with a sedative by Rosen causing him to fall unconscious. He is then seen tracking down a young woman and her boyfriend trying to retrieve a necklace that holds great significance only to be killed by Hicks when he threatens the lives of Dr. Rosen and the young woman.

Powers and Abilities[]

Since he is a Necrotic Inducement Alpha, he is able to cause a necrotic agent to circulate through his victim's blood, ultimately killing his victim in a short period of time. This seems to work on all organic life form as it has been shown in the episode "Original Sin" that it also affects flowers. Also within this episode it also shows that he does not need physical contact to activate his ability, just by being close to his target he is able to cause the toxin to spread.