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If Memory Serves
Season 2, Episode 11
Air Date October 8, 2012
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"If Memory Serves" is the eleventh episode of the second season Alphas. It airs on Syfy on October 8, 2012.


Kat and Cameron go after a secret Alpha that Stanton has hidden away, believing that he is the key to learning the immortal Alpha's plans. .


Kat, Bill, and Cameron break into an office with a Tac team, capture one of Parish's Alpha operatives, and Nina interrogates him. The team then goes on a series of other raids using that information to capture more Alphas and recover valuable data. However, none of them know what Stanton is planning or where he can be found.

Nathan asks Rosen for his input but the latter warns that the approach is too scattershot to be effective. The DoD agent figures that they will eventually get Stanton. Rosen notices one address in the files but tells Nathan that it he hasn't noticed anything. Once Nathan leaves, Rosen takes the address to Cameron and says that there may be something there that will lead them Stanton. He admits that he doesn't trust Nathan's people, figuring that Parish could have gotten to any of them. Rosen says that he'll have to stay behind to avoid drawing attention but has Kat go with Cameron. She's eager to go and Rosen warns her to keep the grieving Cameron focused on the mission.

Gary comes over and tells Rosen that he's traced another shipment from the factory in China that made the photic stimulators. Rosen asks him to determine what it is and Gary agrees, and then says that he has to go to the hospital because his mother was in a car accident.

At the farmhouse, Kat records everything they do as Cameron spots a man leaving the farmhouse. Once he goes, Cameron and Kat approach the farmhouse and break in. They hear a television upstairs and approach the man watching the TV. He immediately surrenders and starts talking about meeting John McEnroe. He then claims that he served in World War II and is a master chef. The man gives his name as Mitchell and says that Stanton said that he's important and has to stay in the room.

Cameron calls in to Rosen while Kat searches the place and finds nothing but empty milk cartons and a broken scale. Mitchell starts talking about himself in the third person, claiming that he's Cameron, while Rosen tells Cameron that Mitchell must be important and asks him to bring the man in. As Rosen hangs up, Senator Burton comes in and introduces herself as the liaison to the Parish task force. Nina walks by and Burton seems to recognize her, but then returns to discussing Stanton. She asks what weaknesses Stanton has and points out that everyone has them. As they go the briefing room, Burton says that he knows she gave her doctor the brain scans that saved his life.

Once he can find Nina alone, Rosen complains that she went behind his back and left a paper trail that Burton has followed to him. Nina insists that she saved Burton but Rosen warns her that if the senator puts the pieces together, they could both go to jail. Rosen tells Nina to push her into going home, but Nina refuses to endanger her. He then tells Nina to go home until he can figure out a way to move Burton off of the investigation.

At the hospital, Gary complains to Bill that he doesn't want to be there. Sandra is still in surgery and Gary doesn't see the point in being there if she's unconscious. Bill irritably suggests that he work his lead from there and admits that he was up with Baby Adam half the night. Gary goes to work and finds the manifest for the shipment to New York from Stanton's factory. However, it's all in Chinese and neither of them can read it.

As Cameron drives back to New York, Kat narrates her adventures for the video and Mitchell recites with her. Cameron remains silent until he finally tells them both to shut up. Kat offers her condolences and offers him a sympathetic ear, but Cameron says that he doesn't want to talk about it. Mitchell suddenly bursts out that he's responsible for Danielle's death. Before Cameron can question him, the Alpha from the farmhouse opens fire from an overpass and then jumps onto their car. Cameron brakes, knocking him off into a barricade and breaking his neck. Realizing the car is useless and backup is probably on the way, Kat and Cameron leave with Mitchell. Meanwhile, the Alpha regenerates and frees himself from the barricade.

Once they get into the woods, Cameron and Kat realize that they're out of cell range. As Mitchell mumbles about his missing keys, Cameron draws his gun and orders Mitchell to tell him what he knows about Danielle. Mitchell touches Cameron and feeds him Danielle's memory of meeting with Stanton.

Rachel gives Rosen Gary's translated manifest and explains that it has the same components that were used to make the photic stimulator. Rosen says that they have to get the components before they get to Stanton.

At the hospital, Gary is ready to walk home but says that it is too far. Bill explains that Gary has to take care of his mother just like he took care of Baby Adam. Rosen calls to summon Bill back to the office and Bill tells Gary that he'll be back as soon as he can.

As they walk through the woods, Kat figures that Mitchell is an Alpha and tries to ask if he knows how his power works, but he continues rambling. She tells Cameron that Mitchell can touch someone and take their memories, and then put those memories into anyone else that he touches. He is a Memory Recorder Alpha. Cameron realizes that Mitchell is holding Stanton's memories, making him a valuable intel resource.

The caretaker Alpha goes to a country store, takes all of the jugs of milk, and then swallows a pack of antacid tablets and drinks the milk. His remaining injuries heal and the Alpha tells the owner that he's good for it and walks away.

Kat tells Cameron that she's memorized the cell coverage and that they can't call until they get to town. Cameron wants to maintain a low profile since they killed a man. Mitchell talks about healing bones and replays memories of the caretaker Alpha vowing to keep Mitchell safe no matter what. They realize that they didn't kill the man and continue on, and Kat suggests that Stanton's weakness may be his inability to remain memories. While Mitchell asks where his keys are, Cameron talks about how his grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's and figures that Stanton may have similar problems because of his advanced age. Kat admits that she isn't good at personal issue and suggests that Cameron stop thinking about Danielle because it's messing him up. Cameron invites her to show him how and she admits that she can't, but Mitchell listens in and offers to put Cameron inside his memories of Danielle. However, Cameron tells him to shut up. The trio continues on and hears the town up ahead.

Rachel and Rosen examine the photic stimulator and she explains that if they combine all of the components together, Stanton could enhance the abilities of all of his Alpha operatives.

In town, Cameron tells Kat to keep Mitchell out of sight while he rents a car. Kat takes Mitchell to an empty office for sale and breaks in. As they wait, Mitchell wonders when he's going home and Kat tells him that he'll soon have a new home. As Kat looks outside, she sees a woman in a blue dress and remembers the brief memory-flash of the woman in her mind. Mitchell offers to help her but Kat says that it won't help. He asks if she's sure and Kat describes the woman she can't remember. He takes Kat's hand and Kat sees a memory of the woman smiling at her... and then realizes that it's a commercial she saw. Mitchell apologizes, telling her that's all there is, and explains that he can't even remember which memories are his.

Burton catches up to Nina at a restaurant and explains that she learned from Nathan what Nina can do. She says that she knows that she's been pushed, but figures that one of Stanton's Alphas did it. Burton joined the task force so she could learn what happened to her, and wonders if what she's doing is her own decisions. Nina tells her that the person who did it isn't in control of hers anymore and Burton wonders how she can be sure. As they talk, Burton remembers that Nina was the one who pushed her.

Bill, Rosen, and Rachel go to the docks. As they move in, Rachel admits that the smell doesn't bother her and Bill figures that having sex is helping her. A security guard takes them to the cargo container and Bill breaks it open. The container is empty but Rachel can see the dust patterns and tells them that there were thousands of boxes there. Rosen realizes that Stanton already has them and wonders where he took them.

Sandra recovers consciousness and finds Gary at her bedside. He tells her that he'll come home to look after her but warns his mother that they have a new schedule. Sandra tells him that they'll make it work and then passes out as she has a stroke. The doctor rushes in and orders treatment, and the nurse gets Gary outside.

At the office, Nina tells Rosen that she had no choice and preferred that Burton live in fear of her rather than herself. Rosen warns her that fear could make Burton do anything and offers to reach out to the senator and smooth things over. As he goes, Nina reminds him that she's now the person that he wanted her to be. When he goes to the elevator, Rosen finds Burton waiting for him. They take the elevator down alone and she tells Rosen that she's reviewed all of the unconstitutional actions his team has taken. Burton threatens to take it to the district attorney and accuses Rosen of being the worse of them. Rosen points out that his other alternative was to blackmail her over the illegal contributions to her first campaign and the fact that Stanton had compromised her. He tells Burton that he won't regret the choice and warns her that he and his team are dangerous.

The caretaker Alpha finds Cameron as he calls Kat and chokes him. Cameron breaks his fingers but they heal instantly, and the caretaker knocks him out. Cameron's phone rings and the caretaker tells Kat that she has five minutes to agree to trade Mitchell for Cameron. She has Mitchell review his memories of what he knows about the caretaker and the Alpha mentions that the caretaker drinks a lot of milk. Kat realizes that the caretaker needs calcium to heal, increasing his bone density. She realizes that the broken scales at the apartment mean that he's super-heavy. Kat calls the caretaker and tells him to meet her at a spot of her choice. She hangs up and looks at a semi parked across the street.

Bill comes back to the hospital and Gary tells him that Sandra had a bigger stroke and is in a coma. Gary says that he's okay.

The caretaker drives the rental car out to the quarry that Kat has chosen for the swap. Mitchell walks toward him and tells the caretaker that Kat drove off. As he walks toward the water, Kat drives the truck toward the caretaker and rams him into the rental. She then pushes the rental and the caretaker into the water. His bone density is too heavy for him to swim and he goes under and doesn't come up. Kat realizes that Cameron is in the trunk of the car, grabs a rock for ballast, and goes in after her partner. Cameron finally swims to the surface and then goes down for Kat. She can't swim and he gets her to shore.

Once they get Mitchell to the office, Rosen talks to him and realizes that he has Stanton's memories. He asks Mitchell to show him the last time he talked to Stanton, and Mitchell plays back Stanton's memories.

Stanton is mourning Danielle's death after sacrificing her for his grand scheme. He doesn't remember everything that he has told to Mitchell and admits that he doesn't think he made the right decision this time. However, he refuses to let Danielle's death be for nothing and promises Mitchell that he'll grow old in a better world than he (Stanton) has. Mitchell says that he built the farmhouse with his father and raised his first family there, and it's the only place where he feels at home... and Stanton tells him that those are his memories.

Kat is in her office watching the commercial from her memories when Cameron comes in and records a message thanking her for saving his life. As he goes, Kat admits that she wouldn't help him forget and tells him that the only memory she has of her life is of a commercial. She tells Cameron that he's lucky to have even painful memories because they remind him of who he is. Cameron assures her that he knows who she is and she admits that she doesn't like how it felt to kill a man. Kat plays back a recording of herself describing how she doesn't want to forget what killing someone feels like.

Rosen leaves his office after his session with Mitchell and tells Cameron that Stanton uses the Alpha to store his memories. Cameron figures that it's a bust but Rosen admits that he misjudged Stanton. Stanton cares about Mitchell and Danielle and his humanity makes him vulnerable... and they're going to use it against him.

Later, Cameron takes Mitchell to Binghamton and gives him the keys that he's been asking about all along. As they prepare to insert a nullification chip, Mitchell offers his hand and Cameron takes it.

Later, Cameron goes with Rosen to the farmhouse. As they watch it burn, Rosen says that Mitchell is the thread they can use to unravel Stanton. When Cameron warns that Stanton will come for Mitchell, Rosen says that's his plan.

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Kat: I was calm as we approached the farmhouse. Sliding into danger as if it were a pair of fuzzy slippers. Hicks, however, was a wreck. Reeked of fear. And the breakfast burrito he ate a couple of hours ago.

Kat: Hicks, you can't shoot the prisoner. They didn't exactly teach us that at the academy, but it was totally implied.
Cameron: Well, I didn't go to the academy.

Bill: Remember when you had Adam? And he's just a helpless little baby.
Gary: Yeah. Yeah, of course. It wasn't even that long ago. I've got a good memory, Bill. I'm not a cat.

Senator Charlotte Burton: Your team is more dangerous than the Alphas they go after. And you--you--are the worst. You use them to assault innocents under a pretense of justice.
Rosen: Senator Burton, I apologize for pushing you. I can assure you we don't do that without a lot of consideration. But the other option was to blackmail you, with the illegal contribution to your first campaign, or that you had been compromised by Parish's organization in regards to August Medical. So I decided to have Nina push you because I thought that was the gentler of the options. And I'd like to think that I won't regret that choice. And, uh, yes, Senator, you are right. My team is dangerous. And so am I.

Kat: Okay, let's swap. I'll text you longitude and latitude.
Caretaker: So now you're in charge?
Kat: Yeah, I pick the location 'cause I have the leverage.
Caretaker: How do you figure?
Kat: Well, if I lose Hicks, I get yelled at. If you lose Mitchell, I'm guessing you get a painful death.

Cameron: You seriously don't know how to swim?
Kat: I'm sorry. I was too busy learning how to pick locks under water.


  • Sean Astin is credited as Special Guest Star, probably due to his role as Sam Gamgee in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.



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