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Description Minds of the users help them focus their aim, balance and motor skills
  • Cameron Hicks
  • Marcus Ayers
  • Unnamed Female Red Flag member
I know how fast Cameron can be.

—Lee Rosen, on Hick's Hyperkinetic ability

For Hyperkinetics the mind's imaging systems and muscle control are perfectly in tune with the motor skills center of the brain. Hyperkinetics possess flawless aim, perfect balance, greatly enhanced motor skills, and perfect synchronization between thought and action.


  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Perception
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Able to react to complicated situations quickly, often without thinking


The human nervous system is a collection of separate systems working to make the body and mind function. In the case of the hyperkinetic, the two systems affected are the somatic and sensory networks. This is augmented by a increase in precognition, imagining precise possible outcomes.

The somatic nervous system controls the voluntary use of muscles. When you want to pick up an apple, the somative neurons send a message to your arm and hand muscles, willing them to move the way you choose, gripping the apple and bending your arm to pick it up. The sensory systems take in sensory data and process it. Light bounces off of the apple, the retina processes the light, and transmits an image of the apple to your visual cortex. This is compared against your previous sightings of apples, and is put into the current context.

In the hyperkinetic's brain, both systems are much more efficient. The somatic system works more quickly, and is able to react to stimuli better than most olympic-level athletes. The sensory systems (usually hearing and vision) can process data much finely, allowing the alpha to focus on the data pertinent to their desired action.

Last, there seems to be some sort of increase in the ability to control cause and effect and envision future outcomes. When planning to jump over a short brick wall, the hyperkinetic can judge the angle and force of the jump necessary to vault the wall, as well as the probable energy required to land and roll safely. The hyperkinetic can judge very specific outcomes from physical actions.

Hyperkinetics tend to have a deep mistrust in authority and typically resist seeking help with emotional and physiological problems. Hyperkinetics create troubling situations for themselves by not accepting assistance when needed.


Some sub-powers of being a Hyperkinetic are:

  • Improbable Aiming Skills
  • Super Reflexes

Known Hyperkinetics[]