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Hypercognitive alpha
Healing Alpha
Ability Info
Description Perfect mind to body connection, they possess the ability to control (consciously or subconsciously) every aspect their brain controls. This Alpha is virtually Immortal.
You need to keep bloodshed and war.

Lee Rosen on Hypercognitive alphas.

Hypercognitive Alphas have a perfect mind to body connection. They possess the ability to regulate their own brain and everything the brain controls (i.e. the personal anatomy and all of its somatic functions); due to this, they are able to heal from any injury, even fatal ones. They also have an endless lifespan; due to the fact that they are capable of perfect cellular detox and regeneration, suspending the aging process. Stanton Parish was chronologically over 180 years old, but physically in his 40's.


  • Smart
  • Clever
  • Resilient
  • Resourceful


The human brain performs a series of functions: autonomic, or involuntary bodily functions, somatic, or voluntary bodily functions, and cognitive, concerning the use of the mind to solve problems. The brain, while able to use many of these abilities simultaneously, segregates the systems. So while you may be able to pump blood, read a book, and walk up stairs all at the same time, the appropriate parts of the nervous system work separately. In a hypercognitive alpha, the systems have perfect synchronicity and are under completely voluntary control. Allowing the alpha unlimited access to the full potential of their brain and body. An average brain has to allocate energy to systems inefficiently. If you were sprinting in a track race, your somatic system needs energy for the neurons to push your muscles to the limit, while the autonomic system regulates things like adrenaline and anaerobic metabolism. It is more difficult for any substantial energy to reach the cognitive system, so it would be harder for the sprinter to solve a calculus equation. But with the hypercognitive, all systems are given the energy they require and can work at peak efficiency simultaneously. The alpha could climb a mountain, read a book, and lower their heart rate all at the same time. Hypercognitve Alphas are extremely intelligent, wise, and clever. Without obstacles like exhaustion, distraction, and unreliable memory (common in most people), their cognition could continually grow and develop. They are as intelligent as a Quanitative Alpha, however their mental focus is far more broad and wide-spread (beyond technology & mathematics). Other mental abilities include intuitive aptitude, and adoptive muscle memory. Physical abilities include enhanced strength, speed, agility, senses, reflexes, dexterity, durability, and powerful healing/regenerative abilities. These abilities are instinctive requiring little to no concentration.

Hypercognitives wouldn't be the strongest, fastest, or smartest around, but their strength lies in the number of options available to them. They possess perfect cellular regeneration which suspends their aging rendering them ageless.  They can heal and regenerate from, any wounds, broken bones, low vitality and virility, and even diseases. Can revive from death. Although the user still experiences pain, they can turn off their pain receptors. Even serious mortal wounds perfectly heal, their body will never rot,or age the Alpha will stay young forever. Hypercognitives are immortal, unable to die, age, rot, immune to all illnesses, diseases, disorder, toxins, and imperfections (perfect health, body, mind, genes, etc), they don't need to eat, drink, breath or sleep (entirely self-sustained) but can still do so if they wish, they possesses a perfect body as a living being furthermore, even without training his muscles are lean, brawny, attractive and their body shape doesn't change no matter how much calories they intakes. and they will heal & regenerate from any and all injuries no matter how destructive and be restored to perfect health.  Perfectly immortal, capable of living forever, adapting to anything, possessing endless willpower, vitality, virility, eloquence, charisma.

Negative side effects would include that the peak functioning and extensive lifespan of the alpha give them an isolated perspective. Being smarter and better-functioning than everyone else gives the alpha a sense that no one can relate to them. In some cases, it's easy to see how the alpha could consider themselves above everyone else. The extended lifespans also prevents them from forming permanent bonds with other people, a vital key to avoiding sociopathy. Watching family and friends die while the alpha remains the same age mentally and physically can be unnerving.

Known Hypercognitive Alphas[]