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Ability Info
Description By being "amped up", this alpha can be super strong
  • Bill Harken
  • Anna's Bodyguard
  • Jeff Kowalka
Why don't you, uh, do your thing and whip this puppy open

—Hicks, on Bill "amping" up

Hyperadrenal Alphas possess extraordinary physical abilities that are activated by elevated levels of adrenaline. When hyperadrenals are in the "zone" they have high thresholds for pain and are unstoppable but when the adrenaline rush ends, hyper-adrenals become listless and physically drained. This power is comparable to a mild form of Intermittent Explosive Disorder, an genetic condition that allows the carrier to temporarily unlock the body's natural safety limits via trance.


  • Exceptionally strong
  • Egotistical
  • Temperamental
  • Feeble Heart


Hyperadrenals are known to have quick tempers, particularly in stressful situations. Hyperadrenals are extremely confident individuals who are not team players. These types of Alphas believe that their best work can be done solo.

Some sub-power(s) of being a Hyperadrenal:

  • Super-Speed: This mostly takes a backseat to his strength, but the same adrenaline boost that makes them strong lets Alphas with this ability run like a track star. They can run extremely fast, but just a few feet slower than that of an Hyper-Accelerator Alpha.

Known Hyperadrenals