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Description Alpha able to reach extraordinary speed(s)

Eli Aquino

Hyper-Accelerator Alphas have the ability of Super-Speed. These Alpha types move and talk fast, it is likely a habit or a sub-power of this.


  • Fast-paced
  • Impatient


The human brain is normally keyed to a 24 hour cycle, called a circadian rhythm. This regulates the cycle of bodily functions, including sleep, physical activity, alertness, hormone levels, body temperature, immune function, digestive activity(metabolism) and aging. Most of this function is centered in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, near the hypothalamus. The nucleus has a set number of neurons available to it. If enlarged, it is possible for the organism to observe time in a differentiated frame. Hyper-accelerators use this mutation to move 10 times faster than the average person (around 80 mph), even outpacing Hyperadrenals, and can see the world move around them at a relatively slow pace. This ability is not without any ill effects however, as it can strain the body. The downside of this power is an accelerated metabolism, requiring up to 200,000 calories per day (16 times that of an Olympic swimmer's daily diet). Alphas of this type may well age at an accelerated rate.

Known Hyper-Accelerator Alphas[]