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Highland Mills

Highland Mills is an abandoned brick factory located 60 miles outside of New York City. The abandoned factory is one of the many properties that Stanton Parish acquired throughout his extended lifespan and he uses the building as the site for a summit of Red Flag cell leaders. Parish tips off the DoD about the factory and manipulates the government into eliminating all of his rival Red Flag so leaders so Alphas can remain secret, and he can consolidate his power in the organization.


Original Sin[]

Rosen's Team learns about Highland Mills when they recover a necklace that is secretly a jump drive from Danielle Rosen. The DoD executes the rate against the facility when they learned of the Red Flag leaders' wish to take the movement public. Gary Bell Rushes into the facility to attempt to save Anna Levy. The other members of Rosen's Team chase after Gary in hopes that they will be able to help him and prevent some of the bloodshed. The raid at Highland Mills convinces Dr. Lee Rosen leak the existence of alphas to the public. [1]