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Healers are Alphas who can heal damage to other individuals.


  • Protective
  • Caring


The human body is able to recuperate on its own in a variety of ways, but this process can be assisted dramatically with the help of others. The healer alpha takes advantage of existing immune and regenerative systems in the body, boosting them.

Human touch, specifically controlled and directed massage, can encourage the human body to heal itself. There are three functions know to be connected to massage for the healing of injuries and disease: blood pressure, cortisol production, and white blood cell production.

Blood pressure and heart rate naturally increase when the human body is in danger. This can lead to muscle constriction (including heart attacks) and massive blood loss with physical injuries. Massage forces the muscle contractions to release and lessen in intensity, allowing for a more controlled flow of blood.

Cortisol is one of the main biochemicals released during stress, especially during situations where bodily health is threatened. When the human body releases too much, the cortisol begins to damage mechanical and neurological systems within the body. Human touch helps release oxytocin, which indirectly inhibits cortisol production, allowing the body to exit the stress state, making a return to a base state faster and more efficiently.

Last, human touch, directed in a conscientious and focused manner, is hypothesized to increase white blood cell production. White blood cells are the main agent in the immune system, attacking antibodies and rebuilding damaged systems. When it comes to physical injury, white blood cells are important in the storage and release of platelets, the main chemical agents in the healing of wounds and severe internal damage.

Using a direct touch, the healer alpha is able to activate these systems with greater efficiency than most modern medicine. The methodology is unclear, but it may involve absorbing excess cortisol, linking into the cardiovascular system through incredibly fine targeting, and even promoting production of leukocytes or stem cells through targeted chemical secretions near the production systems. As a bonus, human contact also encourages the release of endorphins, which can be used as a powerful painkiller when necessary. But as downside, to force an injured body's natural healing processes would be invasive for the recipient in question; hence, additional care must still be provided alongside the healer's

While touch is the only observed mechanism of the healer alpha ability, powerful neurological methods such as influencer-type eye contact, modulated speech, and pheromones may also be used by the alpha to supplement touch.

Known Healers[]