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This female Alpha acts as a mercenary infiltrator, using her Alpha ability to evade discovery.

Griffin is able to take advantage of the human "blind spot." Because human beings have two eyes, the optic nerve has to translate two sets of data into a single, three-dimension image. The spacing of our eyes allows for a gap in this data. Griffin's Alpha ability effects other people's optic nerves, expanding the blind spot to accomodate her size. To supplement this, she disables local security systems and has developed a style of movement which keeps her in the blind spot.

Griffin appeared in the episode Blind Spot, infiltrating the team's office to assassinate Dr. Gordon Kern. Kern described as using her ability for financial gain, with no true allegiance to anyone. It is left ambiguous whether Griffin was hired by Red Flag to silence Kern or by some other organization. Perhaps because of her mercenary status, Griffin appears to have intimate knowledge of the Alpha community, passing on an important name to Bill Harken as a sort of reward for letting her live. The name was "Stanton Parish."

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