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Graham Kern
Portrayed By Brent Spiner
Gordon Kern
Seen In "Blind Spot"
Last Seen "Blind Spot"
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Alpha Type Sonic Sonic

Dr. Graham Kern was an obstetrician with Sonic Alpha abilities. He was a member of Red Flag.



Season 1[]

In the episode Blind Spot, Kern was captured by the DoD and brought to the team's office for interrogation. While the evidence for the internment is not revealed, once Rachel examines the neonatal vitamins he was dispensing, she finds something disturbing. The vitamins contain active DNA which, when introduced to the developing fetus, could cause birth defects, including (but not guaranteeing) Alpha abilities.

When asked about it, Kern willingly confesses that his intention was to put more Alphas in the world. He was later killed by the mercenary Griffin.

Powers and Abilities[]


Kern using his sonar

An Alpha with Sonic abilities, Dr. Kern was born blind with no optic nerves. Compensating for his lack of optic nerves, the sound processing centers of his brain are greatly enhanced with the ability of echolocation. He creates sound waves which bounce of his environment allowing him to detect his surroundings in perfect detail even beyond barriers like walls, ceilings, and floors. His ability is so finely tuned he can perform ultrasounds on individuals from several feet away, detecting micro-valve prolapse in Dr. Rosen's heart from at least ten feet away in a glass cell. His enhanced sense of hearing allows him to detect sounds impossible for ordinary humans, as seen when he was able to tell the number of heart beats on the floor he was on. The sound waves Dr. Kern emits can be used offensively to pop blood vessels, vibrate objects to cause explosions, knock back opponents, and even degrade the structure of an entire building, however, it takes hours for Dr. Kern to build the necessary vibrations to accomplish these things, which puts a strain on his body.


  • Gary makes a reference to "data mining" regarding Dr. Kern's computer and cell phone records, an obvious reference to the character being played by Brent Spiner.