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Gods and Monsters
Season 2, Episode 7
Gods and Monsters
Air Date September 10, 2012
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"Gods and Monsters" is the seventh episode of the second season Alphas. It airs on Syfy on September 10, 2012.


When Jason Miller takes control of his high school students, Rosen tries to stop him but discovers that he must team up with Stanton Parish to stop the teenager before his victims die.


In Washington, Nina and Rosen meet with Senator Charlotte Burton and Nina uses her ability to confirm that the senator has had every August Medical photo stim recalled and destroyed. Nina then has her give them all of the information and make sure that the import ban goes through. Once Burton leaves, Rosen realizes that Nina is having another headache but she says that she'll be fine. They notice that Burton has wandered out into traffic and Nina manages to get her off the street just in time. Nina gives her orders to go home again and Burton wanders off, seemingly dazed.

At a senior dance, junior Jason Miller comes in and approaches one of the girls, Lisa, while the other ones look at him in disgust. Jason suggests that they hang out alone but Lisa says that she has a boyfriend, Cody. He comes over and offers to take Jason out. Once the two of them are alone, Cody tells Jason to get lost but Jason uses his ability and orders Cody to stop. When Cody comes back in a few minutes later, he tells Lisa that she should date Jason. Another girl agrees, saying Jason is cool, and they take Lisa outside. There are several other seniors there and they all tell Lisa to talk to Jason. One of Cody's friends walks through a glass door, unfeeling, and tells Lisa that Jason is cool. Jason comes over and uses his ability.

The next day, Kat is at the office and brings in the police report on two high school students for Rosen. Rosen is surprised that Bill isn't there and Kat says that he had a rough night and that she's helping him out. She suggests that she might work as a probationary agent but Gary disagrees and insists that Bill his partner. Kat assures him that she's not stealing his partner and leaves.

As Rosen and Rachel prepare to talk to the students, Kat reminds them that they were two of fifteen students that chased a girl from the senior dance, and admits that she read the report. When she mentions that Jason Miller seemed to be the leader, Rosen recognizes the name. He goes in and asks if they've heard of Jason. Both of them move and respond in unison, saying they've never heard of Jason.

Later, Bill comes into the office, limping. Rosen realizes that something is going on but doesn't push it, and Bill assures him that he's cleared Kat and their teammates. Rosen plans to loop in Cley but Bill isn't sure they can trust him. Meanwhile, Rachel analyzes the MRI scans and confirms that both students have synchronized EEG brain patterns. Rosen figures that they've become an extension of Jason's mind and figures that his ability has evolved after exposure to the photo stim. Rachel hears a high-frequency tone and confirms that the two students are emitting an infrasonic field and are part of a hive mind.

Danielle meets with Stanton and reports Rosen's progress. She admits that she's worried about him but insists that her father has a place in their future. Stanton warns that the chasm between them may be too great but says that there is a former patient of theirs that could bridge the gap.

Rosen administers a sedative to the two students as Cameron arrives to report that he can't reach Jason's parents. Nina suggests that she use her ability to push them and sever their link to Jason. She talks to the female student, Molly, but she gets a telepathic feedback as if from dozens of people. Nina figures that it's Jason's will that is opposing her and that they have to find him to break the link. Rosen goes to call the teachers at Jason's school and track him down.

When Rosen arrives at the high school, he notices that many of the students have the exact same mannerisms. He calls Bill and says that Jason has gone back to the place where he can show off his power and influence. Bill gathers the rest of the team and heads out while Jason greets Rosen. He takes Rosen inside and assures him that he's doing fine. As they walk, Lisa takes Jason's arms and the other students start walking with them en masse. Rosen suggests that he come with him so he can run some tests but Jason insists that he's fine and walks off while the students block Rosen's path. Rosen takes another way around and tells him that he might be hurting his friends. Jason grabs the hand of a security guard and the man draws his gun. Jason orders Rosen to promise to leave him alone or he'll have his newest victim shoot. However, Stanton arrives and knocks out the security guard, and the students panic and run when the gun goes off. The immortal Alpha then turns to Rosen and says they need to talk.

Later, Bill and the police secure the school and Bill sets up a cover story. Jason has disappeared and Gary is unable to find him. Rosen says that he's with the school psychologist... but Bill is unaware that one of Stanton's Alphas is impersonating Rosen's voice. Meanwhile, Stanton tells Rosen that Jason's public actions are putting all of the Alphas at risk. Rosen congratulates him on what he's done to boost Jason's powers, but Stanton points out that Rosen was more interested in shutting down August Medical than giving Jason follow-up care. Rosen figures he can take care of Jason on his own, but Stanton points out that he has six months of notes on what was done to Jason's mind. They come to a limo and Stanton asks him to get in and help him save Jason. Rosen refuses and walks away. However, Stanton calls to him and threatens to harm Danielle, and Rosen warns him that he won't compromise.

Senator Burton is on the news talking about her new hardline stance on medical equipment imports. She begins to break down again, echoing Nina's orders, and then her handlers quickly get her away. Nina is watching the broadcast and tries to set up an appointment with the senator. Rachel comes in and asks what is going on.

Stanton takes Rosen to a warehouse where Jason's mother is being treated. She has dozens of subdural hematomas caused by close exposure to Jason's ability. Stanton sends her to a hospital for treatment and Rosen warns that the adolescents may have more time but eventually they will all die. When Rosen points out that Stanton has created a weapon of mass murder, Stanton reminds him that Nina is pushing Burton.

Nina tells Rachel that Burton is in the hospital from what she claims is exhaustion. Rachel points out that there's nothing to tie Burton's mental problems with the team. However, Nina insists that she has to get in and fix the problem she caused by giving them the files on how her power affects the mind. Rachel agrees but says that she has to bring Rosen in on her plan. They call Rosen's phone number but Rachel immediately realizes that it's the Alpha mimic.

At the warehouse, Stanton and Rosen try to work out a way to neutralize Jason's ability. Rosen explains that there's no limit to how many people that he can control, and Stanton admits he hoped Jason would emerge from his coma with more control and maturity. When Stanton explains that he has raised a number of children, Rosen tries to talk about his loneliness as an immortal but Stanton refuses to take the bait. Instead he suggests that Nina use her power directly on Jason under his supervision. Rosen agrees and offers to bring in his team, but Stanton figures that it's a trap.

Rachel calls back and demands to know who she's talking to. Gary traces the redirected call and Rachel identifies the background noises. Rosen promises to release Stanton as long as they've dealt with Jason, and Stanton gives him the phone. Once he's one the line, Rosen tells them to find Jason by looking for infrasonic clusters at one of his classmates' address.

Jason and his controlled victims are having a party at one of their houses. Jason is in the bedroom with Lisa and he orders her to remove her clothing. She starts to do so but Jason says that he wants her to want to do so. When she merely echoes his words, he sits down and apologizes.

Bill, Rachel, and Cameron enter the apartment and Rachel pinpoints Jason's location. All of the students stop what they're doing and the trio makes their way to the bedroom. Jason insists that he didn't touch Lisa and that he likes her, but she's not herself. Cameron asks Jason to come with them and the teenager agrees.

Downstairs, Nina, Kat and Gary are waiting at the SUV. As the others bring Jason out, Federal agents arrive and Jason starts to panic. All of the students run downstairs, and Jason says that he's changing his mind. He runs off as the students block Cameron from getting a clear shot and swarm the others. Gary runs off after Jason and Cameron grabs a tranq dart and runs after both of them. Jason grabs a pedestrian and commands him to punch Gary. Cameron knocks out the pedestrian and then throws the dart into Jason's back. He grabs Jason and gets him into the SUV as the others pull up, and they drive away before the students can catch up to them.

Back at the office, the team preps Jason for a MRI. Rosen ushers Stanton in and introduces him to the team. Stanton directs Nina in how affect Jason's emotions on a primal level to distract him while Rosen makes him see reason. Now that they're done, Rosen has Cameron and Bill escort Stanton out. However, Stanton realizes that they're not going to let him go. Gary confronts Stanton, insisting that he murdered Anna. However, Stanton says that the government murdered Anna and Rosen did nothing, and Rosen is the one who causes trouble for Alphas.

Bill and Cameron lock Stanton up in one of the Alpha containment cells and Rosen comes to see him. Rosen realizes that Stanton doesn't care about Jason and that his primary goal is to recruit Rosen. Stanton readily admits that he's right and they'd make a great team, but Rosen says that he shouldn't have threatened Danielle. Once Rosen leaves, Stanton asks the guards for a glass of water.

Rosen goes into the room with Jason and explains that he has to free his victims.

After Stanton drinks his water, he crumples up his plastic cup and talks about how a squad of men in World War II disobeyed orders and went into a field to scavenge for potatoes. When their commander returned, he discovered that his men were dead or dying, blown to pieces because the Germans had left mines behind. Stanton then cuts his throat with the folded plastic and collapses, dead.

Rosen tells Jason that his mother is in a coma and the same thing will happen to the others. Jason doesn't believe him and says that he wants to go now. As Rosen calls Nina, the two students wake up. Nina and Rachel sedate them, but all of Jason's other victims arrive and start swarming into the building.

The guards check on Stanton, who comes back to life and kills them. He then takes one of their security badges and a gun.

Cameron grabs the tranq guns from the armory and gets past the blast doors as they come down. The kids crush themselves against the blast doors and the team realizes that they have to let them in before they kill themselves. Gary opens the doors and the students start pounding on the interior doors. Rosen takes Nina to Jason's room but discovers that he's gone. Rosen tells Bill to check on Stanton and he gets no response from the guards. After sending Nina to the office with the others, Rosen finds Jason outside a room. Stanton has locked himself inside and Rosen realizes that Jason uses his power on Stanton. Jason says that Stanton is taking control of his collective and Rosen asks Jason to bring him into it as well.

When Rosen takes Jason's hand, he finds himself in a mental landscape with all of the other collective members. They slowly move over to Stanton and the Alpha immortal explains that he implanted a neural failsafe.

The collective members continue pounding on the office doors.

Stanton admits that Jason has grown more powerful than he anticipated, but isn't comfortable with leadership. Rosen tells Jason to break the link and set the people free, but Stanton says that Rosen isn't like them. He warns Jason that he will be alone like before but Rosen promises that it'll be different. Jason concentrates and the mental images disappear. When Stanton tries to stop him, Rosen grabs him and the two of them share their memories. Rosen catches a glimpse of a painting, an address, and the lights in the city going out.

The collective members stop pounding on the doors and realize what they're doing. Rachel confirms that the infrasonic field is gone and they go to find Rosen.

Rosen wakes up next to Jason in the hallway. The others arrive and they realize that Stanton has escaped out of an upper-story window and Rachel can't spot any sign of him.

Later, Rachel checks in on Nina after they've released all of the students. Rachel says that John has introduced her to Scotch and invites her friend to drink with her, but Nina says that she has to take the medical files to Burton's doctor and asks for a rain check.

As Cameron and Rosen clean up, Cameron points out that Stanton knew all about the building layout. Rosen admits that he was overconfident thinking he could trap him. Instead, Stanton was able to meet all of them, just as the Alpha planned. Cameron assures Rosen that they'll get him, but Rosen notices a painting in Cameron's office. Cameron explains that it's Danielle's newest painting... the one that Rosen saw in Stanton's memories.

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Cameron: Well, he's not alone anymore, is he? Leave it to Parish to make the Borg a real thing.
Rosen: Hmm?
Cameron: It's a Star Trek thing. Don't worry about it.

Stanton Parish: Teenagers. Haven't changed much since the 19th century. I've raised my fair share.

Gary: I'm gonna have a shiner now. Bill, it's your fault that I got punched. I get to punch you now, Bill. It's my turn.
Bill: Gary, no one is gonna punch anybody, okay?

Nina: By the way, if you're not sleeping with him and he's still buying you $100 Scotch, he's a keeper..


  • Adriano Sobretodo Jr. is credited as Mimic Alpha, one of Parish's men who can imitate people's voices. [1]
  • The episode title comes from a line from the movie Bride of Frankenstein (1935), "To a new world of gods and monsters." It was also used as the title of a 1998 semi-fictionalized movie account of that movie's director, James Whale.
  • The song playing during Jason's condo party is "Disparate Youth" by Santigold.



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