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God's Eye
Season 2, Episode 13
Air Date October 22, 2012
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"God's Eye" is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season Alphas. It aired on Syfy on October 22, 2012, as the final episode of the series. Due to the cancellation, it is a de facto cliffhanger ending.


While an injured and delirious Rosen tries to track down Stanton, the rest of the team try to stop the immortal Alpha from activating the mini-stims planted throughout the U.S.


The wounded Rosen makes his way to a nearby bus stop and hallucinates Danielle standing over him. She tells him not to pass out and to find Stanton and stop the bleeding. Danielle tells him that he knows who can help him and Rosen gets up and staggers down the street.

At the office, the team gets a report that Rosen has apparently been shot near the armory. Bill tells them that he'll put out an alert but that they have to focus on stopping Stanton.

Rosen makes his way to a friend, Fiona, who removes the bullet and says that he needs surgery. He refuses and Fiona inserts her fingers into the wounds and heals them. Once he's partially healed, Fiona tells Rosen to take it easy but he tapes his shirt shut and says that he's leaving because there's something important he needs to do.

Nina talks to one of the workers at the armory and conforms that they know nothing about Stanton. Bill and Nathan tell her to push the rest, while Cameron checks with Kat. She's still angry that they sent her on the convoy knowing it was an ambush, figuring that he knew she'd forget it in a month, and Cameron says that he did what he had to do. Disgusted, she walks out and Bill goes after her. Kat asks why she should care, pointing out that the only people in the city she knows are the ones who hung her out to dry. Bill asks if he hung her out and says that he needs her.

In the subway, two power workers try to install a grid protector as an inembriated homeless man walks down the tunnel. When one of the workers hits the grid protector, he sets off the photostim inside. The workers and the homeless man collapse with seizures but the homeless man is able to get up and stumble off.

The next day, Kowalka meets Stanton in the park and they admire the people in the park. Stanton says that some of them will be changed and the rest will die quickly and painlessly. Kowalka reports that his guys are at the backup power generator and Stanton tells him to collect Rosen. After a moment, Kowalka admits that he shot Rosen and doesn't know where he is. Stanton grabs a knife and holds it to Kowalka's stomach, and Kowalka insists that he was just looking out for him. Hesitating, Stanton says that it's pointless to kill in anger and then tells Kowalka to make himself useful. As Kowalka leaves, Stanton sings a song of praise to God.

At the office, Rachel checks with Gary, who has checked the ERs and morgues for Rosen without success. He then goes to check on his mother and discovers that she's recovered consciousness, but seems unresponsive. Meanwhile, Cameron admits to Nina that he shouldn't have let Rosen go off on his own but she reminds him that he was trying to get revenge for Stanton killing Danielle.

Kat and Rachel get the report on the subway incident and check it out. While they go in, Kat snaps at Rachel, pointing out that she almost got her killed. Rachel apologizes and tries to explain but Kat isn't interested and tells her to at least pick a side. They hear someone hiding and find the homeless man. They try to get him to talk and he finally opens his mouth and emits a hypersonic scream.

Rosen wanders down the street, having an imaginary conversation with Danielle. She tells him to remember what Mitchell said about a "god's eye view" and assures him that he can figure it out.

The EMTs secure the homeless man and Rachel realizes that the incident was caused by the photostim. She sees the grid protector and realizes that Stanton hid the photostims inside of them.

Skylar comes into the office and analyzes the photostim that the workers set off. She tells Bill and Nathan that they set it off by hitting it with a hammer and then confirms that the others are supposed to go off at 8:18 that night. Every light on the grid will flash but Nathan warns that it will take them a month to remove the millions of them. Skylar says that they have to pull the power on the national grid and the ones in New York have a dead man's switch. She says that she's the only one who can shut it down and asks for components.

Gary tells the nurse to check Sandra out as Rosen arrives. Rosen apologizes for not being there for him but Gary points out that he was going to kill Stanton because of Danielle's murder. Despite that, Rosen convinces Gary to look for a "god's eye view" and the Alpha determines that Stanton is on a board of directors at the architectural firm that built the Empire State Building. Danielle tells Rosen to tell Gary that he won't see him again because he's going to die, but Rosen says that it's been very special working with him and seeing the world through his eyes. As Rosen goes, Gary wants to call the others but Rosen says that he doesn't want the others to share in what he's going to do. Gary understands and watches as Rosen leaves.

Outside, Rosen wonders what he's going to do when he finds Stanton and Danielle tells him to do what he has to. She suggests that he work out how Stanton heals and Rosen realizes that Stanton does so voluntary so that he needs to inhibit the process. Rosen goes back into the hospital to get what he needs. Once he steals the necessary drugs, he walks down the street and wonders if what he's doing is right. Danielle says that Stanton was doing what he thought was right but she still murdered him. Confused, Rosen tries to find the Empire State Building and Danielle tells him to take the shuttle to Grand Central Station.

The authorities get a report on Rosen and forward it to the office. Bill and Cameron go over what drugs that Rosen took and try to work out what he's doing.

Gary talks to his comatose mother and says that Rosen is mad at Stanton. She comes out of the coma and tells Gary to help Rosen. She takes his hand and says that he has to go, and Gary tells her that he's glad she didn't die and leaves to find his friend.

Skylar keeps working on the device to shut down the power grid, taking apart Cameron's laptop. When he comes in, Skylar tells him to leave. Nina defends him, saying he's not as stupid as he looks, and the others realize that she's in love with him even though Nina denies it.

Rosen gets to Grand Central Station and staggers upstairs, delirious. He looks up at the sky mural and Danielle takes his hand and says that it's a god's eye view... and Stanton is there. Rosen spots Stanton at a shoe polish station and staggers over, and Stanton gets up and aknowleges him from across a croud. Stanton then takes out his pocket watch and confirms that there is one hour left until detonation. The train lets a crowd out and Stanton disappears into the crowd.

Nathan confirms that FEMA has shut down power in the other 18 affected cities. Skylar hooks up her device to the power grid via a rooftop conduit and warns Kat and Rachel that if malfunctions then it could set off an explosive chain reaction.

Rosen chases after Stanton as he walks to the lower level.

Skylar activates her device and the lights go out across the city... including Grand Central Station. Kat tells Rachel that she did it despite everything she did. However, they watch as the power comes back up. Skylar confirms that her device is working and they wonder where the power is coming from.

As the power comes up at the station, Gary finds Rosen, who tells him that it's dangerous and that he needs to go immediately. Rosen explains that Stanton is there but Gary insists that he is going to make his own choices and that it's fair that he help Rosen after everything Rosen has done for him. Realizing Gary won't leave, Rosen takes him with him.

Bill confirms that there is a generator somewhere in the city and Skylar warns that it's an older one that isn't hooked into the central control system. Nina gets a call from Gary explaining that he's with Rosen and Cameron realizes that the drugs Rosen stole are for Stanton. As he leaves, Nina tells him to be safe and kisses him.

John tells Rachel that they're moving to the command center to prepare for the aftermath. She refuses to leave Rosen and John warns her that the last time she was exposed to the photostims, she almost died. She insists on doing the right thing and John points out to him that she lied about the convoy and wonders how he can trust the woman he loves. As he starts to walk away, Rachel realizes what he said and asks him to say it again. John does and asks her to come with her, but Rachel says that she can't.

The team drives to Grand Central Station, figuring that Stanton wants to be at the center of things. Bill says that there's an emergency generator for the trains and Kat identifies it based on some errant memory. They realize that the generator is at Grand Central and speed up.

Gary goes up to get clear of the stone walls and access the security cameras. Once he goes, a man approaches Rosen and hands him a cell phone. Rosen listens as Stanton tells him that he wants him to stay alive and says that they'll soon meet face-to-face once he finishes what he's doing. He assures Rosen that it will be quick and clean, and directs Rosen to a closet where the light has been disabled.

Bill and the others arrive at the station and look for the generator. Rachel hears it deep below the station and Bill leaves Nina to look for Rosen while they go to stop the generator and deal with whoever Stanton left to guard it. As the elevator descends, Rachel hears guns cocking and tells everyone to get down as the doors open and Kowalka and his men open fire. Kat and Bill return fire until the elevator doors shut. Skylar has Bill break the control panel off and then adds it to a fire extinguisher to make a bomb. She tosses it out and it explodes, driving Kowalka and the others back. Bill and Kat provide cover fire while Rachel and Skylar head for the generator.

As Kowalka pins Bill and Kat down, she tells Kat to throw her. He gives her a hyperamped boost and she lands behind the men, taking out two of them and shooting a third. Meanwhile, Bill finds Kowalka in the smoke and knocks him out.

Skylar and Rachel find the generator and the Alpha genius warns that it's old tech and will be difficult to manipulate.

Gary checks the security cameras on the upper concourse.

Rosen makes his way to the tracks and spots Stanton. He prepares a syringe with the drugs and advances on Stanton, who explains that he helped build the station in 1913. Rosen tells him to shut up and draws a gun, seeing Danielle standing behind Stanton. Stanton walks toward him and dismisses the gun as crass. Rosen tells him that Danielle was everything to him, and Stanton says that he did it for the greater good. He tells Rosen to get to a safe place and starts to walk away, and Danielle tells Rosen that it's what he wants. He asks Stanton what he wants from him and the Alpha explains that in a few minutes he'll be a mass murderer and will have served his purpose.

Skylar is unable to shut down the generator because Stanton has blocked all the access point. All she can do is pull all the breakers. Meanwhile, Rachel listens and hears Stanton telling Rosen that he wants him to lead the others. Danielle screams at Rosen, telling him to kill her murderer. Shocked, Rosen says that he's not a murderer and that Danielle wouldn't have wanted it that way and that she knew there was a better way. Stanton says that he couldn't find it and Rosen tells him that they both should have looked harder. Danielle smiles at her father as Rosen says that's what Danielle would have wanted. Stanton turns and walks toward Rosen... and Cameron arrives to shoot him down.

Bill and Kat arrive and Rachel tells them that she heard a gunshot. Bill and Rachel run off while Kat helps Skylar.

Cameron tells Rosen to give Stanton the drugs and finish it. Rosen refuses, asking what it makes them if they kill Stanton. Cameron reminds him that he killed Danielle and Rosen says that if they let Stanton live then he'll have to live with that pain later. Cameron slowly lowers the gun as Nina runs up.

Kat confirms that there's another panel on the opposite side of the building and warns that the lights in the station are hardwired into the generator even if they shut down the outlying lines. Skylar cuts the power to the rest of the city.

Bill and Rachel find the others standing over Stanton's body.

Gary realizes that it's time as Kat and Skylar arrive, telling everybody to run. The photostims activate and everyone collapses... except Gary. He walks among the bodies and calls for Bill. When he gets to the tracks, he finds the others lying unconscious or dead on the platform next to Stanton.

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Rosen: Gary, I'm sorry I haven't been here for you during all this. I--I've been busy.
Gary: Yeah, you were busy--you kidnapped them, held them prisoner.
Rosen: No, I was...
Gary: That takes time.

Gary: I don't like horses. They look confused.

Rosen: Gary... working with you means--means so much to me. Seeing the world through your eyes has been very special.
Gary: Oh, yeah, I know. I'm amazing.

Kat: You did it. Even after all that crap you pulled. You did it.
Rachel: We did it.
Skylar Adams: Mostly I did it.
Rachel: Whatever.
Kat: Yay, team.


  • This episode airs on the same month and day as the one in this episode (October 22nd); it is Stanton Parish's 150th anniversary of discovering he was an Alpha.
  • The music at the end is Simon & Garfunkel's The Only Living Boy in New York.
  • The time 8:18 (When the photo stimulators activate) is a bible reference to Luke 8:18 which states;  "Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him".
  • Almost three months after the episode aired, the Syfy Channel announced that they had canceled the series.



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