Gary Bell still remains a main character and a Transducer.

Wake Up Call

In the second-season opener, Gary is the last of Rosen's Team we meet. Comments from Bill Harken and from Cameron Hicks suggest that though Gary has attempted living on his own and that Gary and Hicks sometimes post on the same neurodiversity blogs or forums, neither Hicks nor Sandra Bell have heard from Gary in ten days. This is unusual, because part of Gary's routine is to call his mother daily.

Gary in Binghamton

The reason for this is that Gary had an autistic outburst at work, was sent to Binghamton , and endured the same "chipping" process as that given to criminal Alphas. When Meg frees her boyfriend, Scipio , both Gary and Bill are placed in a room separate from the criminal Alphas.

The effect of the NSA and Binhamton's neglect on Gary is apparent, as he does not converse with Bill, but either scans the feeds from Binghamton's cameras, or repeats the first few steps of his daily routine like a mantra to himself.

Bill tries to help Gary snap back to himself by reviewing Gary's schedule with him, but it is Rosen who picks up Gary's schedule with the task that corresponds with the correct time: Gary calls his mother, leaves a message on her answering machine, and then is secure enough in his routine to begin conversation with Hicks, Bill, Rachel, Nina, and Dr. Rosen.

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