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Gary Bell/Season 2
Portrayed By Ryan Cartwright
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Male
Age 20
Family Sandra Bell (mother)

DCIS Agent

Alpha Type Alphatype-transducer Transducer

Gary Bell still remains a main character and a Transducer.

Wake Up Call[]

In the second-season opener, Gary is the last of Rosen's Team we meet. Comments from Bill Harken and from Cameron Hicks suggest that though Gary has attempted living on his own and that Gary and Hicks sometimes post on the same neurodiversity blogs or forums, neither Hicks nor Sandra Bell have heard from Gary in ten days. This is unusual, because part of Gary's routine is to call his mother daily.

Gary in Binghamton

The reason for this is that Gary had an autistic meltdown at work, was sent to Binghamton , and endured the same "chipping" process as that given to criminal Alphas. When Meg frees her boyfriend, Scipio, both Gary and Bill are placed in a room separate from the criminal Alphas.

The effect of the NSA and Binhamton's neglect on Gary is apparent, as he does not converse with Bill, but either scans the feeds from Binghamton's cameras, or repeats the first few steps of his daily routine like a mantra to himself.

Bill tries to help Gary snap back to himself by reviewing Gary's schedule with him, but it is Rosen who picks up Gary's schedule with the task that corresponds with the correct time: Gary calls his mother, leaves a message on her answering machine, and then is secure enough in his routine to begin conversation with Hicks, Bill, Rachel, Nina, and Dr. Rosen.

The Quick and the Dead[]

Dr. Rosen's first introduction to his team's new work situation is through Gary, who is having a meltdown because the new agents don't respect his routines or his shelf space in the refrigerator-- someone stole his pudding. The two men have a conversation, and Gary focuses on the missing pudding while Rosen talks about accepting changes in the team's situation. Gary ends the conversation by storming off and slamming his office door.

While Rachel, Bill, and Cameron go to the restaurant, searching for the abductor using witness statements and on-site forensics, Gary remains at base, and checks street camera footage. He finds a blur that indicates the abductor was moving at ten times normal human speed. Rosen calculates that the abductor is burning 10,000 calories an hour, while Gary scans security footage and finds another blur five blocks from the kidnapping.

Eli doesn’t have a history of violence, so Rosen has Gary check for similar crimes.

Cameron and Nina have a conversation in the break room, but are interrupted when Gary confronts another government agent messing with his refrigerator shelf. After the agent leaves, Gary tells Cameron that the government agent "respects [him] now", and tells Cameron that he has six texts that he hasn’t answered. Gary blurts out that they came from Danielle. Cameron becomes defensive, though Nina has already left, and tells Gary to keep that to himself or Cameron will kill him. Gary replies that Cameron couldn't because,"I will kill you first, I wake up at 7:45, i wake up first."

Gary tells Rosen he found another report of an abduction by a blurred figure "eight minutes ago". He has the victim’s cell phone number and Rosen has him ping it.

That night, Bill and Cameron set up surveillance across the street from Casey’s apartment while Gary checks the cameras. Cameron is distracted and Gary finally figures out that Danielle's texts to Cameron were about sexual intercourse, not food.

When the rest of the team returns to their office, they find Danielle tied up and gagged. She tells them that Eli took her father but doesn’t know way. Gary spots him on the highway cameras and Bill, Cameron, Rachel, and Danielle drive after him.

Eli is a subject to assassination and is killed.

Alpha Dogs[]

It is found out that Gary has added 10 seconds of screaming to his morning routine, and his mother asks Dr. Rosen to confront Gary about it. While initially assumed that his screaming is a way to release tension and anger because when the tactical teams ambushed the Redflag meeting, Gary's friend, Anna was shot in the head.

Doctor Rosen suggests finding another method of releasing his tension that would not horrify his mother every morning, but Gary takes it as a sign he should move to somewhere where his screaming will not horrify his mother and decides to move into his office.

When Push Comes to Shove[]

I'm going to have to take off my towel. You're going to see my fruit... yeah, I call it my fruit.

—Gary Bell, When Push Comes to Shove

The morning Rosen's team deduce Nina is behind the crime wave they are currently investigating, Gary's alarm does not ring at the correct time, throwing his schedule off. As Rachel comes in to work with Bill, Gary runs by, wearing a towel and going into Nina's vacated office, his "man cave". He explains to them that his alarm clock didn't ring and his schedule is off. The three Alphas talk over one another, but Gary finally gets around to telling them that he's staying there until he can find an apartment, and Rachel realizes that he was naked on her borrowed blanket. Gary repeats that he wants Bill and Rachel to leave so he can change into his work clothes. When they don't leave, he explains that if they don't leave, he'll strip in front of them. John comes by and wonders what's going on, and then goes to talk to Rosen. Bill tells him that Rosen is in with Kat, and the three leave Gary's "man cave".

The morning after Nina's suicide attempt, Gary participates in his morning scream and then wishes Kat good morning.


Gary and Rachel go out to Anna's memorial service, but Gary starts getting upset because he can't understand the idea of Anna's spirit still being with them and objects to what the Rabbi is saying, and rachael tries to calm him down. They leave early when he phone rings.

At the hospital, Gary starts checking the security feeds. Gary is checking the cameras when Anna comes over and talks to him. He points out that she's dead and that Anna doesn't talk, but Anna's ghost says that she's different now. Gary spots a passing janitor and asks if he sees Anna, but the man doesn't see anyone. Anna points out that he sees signals all the time and then fades out and fades back into sight. Gary follows the apparition of Anna into a stairwell and notices that she's getting stronger as she moves up higher in the building, just like a signal. However, Gary knows that she's not a signal. Anna touches him and thanks him for putting on a tie for her, and they carry on going.

As they walk through the halls, Gary talks to Anna about how he moved out and is staying in the office. Bill calls him and Gary tells him that he's talking to Anna and hangs up. Anna tells Gary to help his fellow Alphas and he pings Rachel's cell phone.

Later, Gary and Anna are walking down the hall and he notices a tray of surgical instruments that are vibrating on their own. He takes out the phone that Skylar gave him and determines that an infrasound signal is generating the vibrations. Gary tells the team when he finds them that they're dealing with infrasound and Rosen realizes that it affect the human brain, and an Alpha's brain even more. Bill figures it is affecting Rachel and Gary says that he can see Anna. He's recorded the signal and Rosen has him modify it to be audible and they hear the words, "Help me, I'm drowning." Gary and Rosen continue searching and Gary says that Anna is becoming more solid as they get closer to the signal. Rosen realizes that each of them is desperate to help someone based on the subliminal cry for help in the infrasound. He's sure that a person is calling for help, not a machine.

Gary checks the records and confirms that there were three near-drowning victims. One of them, a sixteen-year-old Jason Miller, is in a vegetative state and his parents are there to okay the harvesting of Jason's organs. Rosen realizes there is a way to save Jason and stop the infrasound and leaves. Anna asks Gary what's wrong and he explains that he's realized that he's seeing Anna because of the infrasound and he knows she's not real. However, he admits that he likes seeing her and goes off to find Jason. They find him in the ICU and confirms that the infrasound is coming from him. Gary locks the door just as Rosen arrives and explains that the others are in danger. However, Gary refuses to let Rosen in to wake Jason up because then he'll lose Anna again. Rosen warns that he's not thinking clearly and Gary agrees, but he still wants to save Anna the way he couldn't the first time. After a moment, Rosen tells Gary to ask Anna what she wants him to do and she tells him that Jason is an Alpha and Gary can save his life. She tells him that Alphas need to be there for each other. Gary hesitates and then unlocks the door. Rosen administers a drug to wake Jason up. The hallucination of Anna kisses Gary on the cheek and then disappears.

Back in the office, Rosen is studying the photic stimulator when Gary comes in. He's confirmed that there are 2,700 of them in use across the country and Rosen admits that they don't know if it is tied to Stanton. He then asks Gary for Skylar's phone in the hopes that she can figure out the device. Gary mentions Anna, referring to her in the present tense, and Rosen says that it's okay if he thinks that. However, Gary says that he knows she's dead but he's come up with another way to honor her. Back in his office, Gary tweets a "Anna_Lives" message saying that the revolution is coming and sends it out on the Internet.


At the office, Rosen insists that Gary go with them because he monitors signals and because Stanton will come looking for the photic stimulator. Gary finally agrees as long as they appease him - they let him pick where to stop for lunch but doesn't fall for Bill telling him he can drive to lunch as they never let him drive. He keeps their location vague but Danielle hears them talking in the background as Nina arrives and Gary mentions that she isn't allowed to push people anymore.

Gary traced the call Rosen made to her and the trace leads into the forest. They are finally so far out that Gary no longer gets any signal and he insists that they turn back. When several men emerge from the woods and say that they're trespassing. As Rosen explains that they're looking for Skylar, Gary flashes his badge.

Even though being told to stay out and Skylar walking off, they continue to the retreat. Bill and Gary look around and Gary complains that he can't pick up signals. Bees swarm Gary and an Alpha comes over and directs them away. He introduces himself as Claude and explains that he funded the colony. When Gary complains to him about the lack of signals, Claude says that Nature has signals of its own and walks off.

Later on in the woods, Gary wants to go back to the office and get his things. He senses a pulsar overhead and he tells Bill. He runs to a clear parking lot and tries to describe what he's seeing. They're un aware there's an alpha behind them with a knife.

As they eat that day, Gary tells Hicks that he's picking up on all of the smaller wavelengths that the plants and rocks are giving off after he's shown how by Claude. The next morning, Gary is up at sunrise listening to the signals from nature.

Later, Gary asks Skylar to find him a cabin, but she ignores him as she's looking for Zoe.

Bill gets Rachel to the van as Gary arrives. He tells them that he's staying and Nina reminds him that there's no takeout food. Gary doesn't believe her and runs off. Gary points out where Skylar went into the woods to Rosen after he finds Zoe's doll and finds Gary outside.

Gary goes back with the team after the retreat burns down.

Gods and Monsters[]

The day after the alpha Jason Miller uses his ability on a dance full of people, Kat is at the office and brings in the police report on two high school students for Rosen as Bill isn't there and Kat tells him that Bill had a rough night and that she's helping him out; but when she suggests that she might work as a probationary agent, Gary disagrees and insists that Bill his partner. Kat assures him that she's not stealing his partner and leaves.

Later, After Rosen has come to investigate the school and Stanton Parish has found Rosen, Bill and the police secure the school and Bill sets up a cover story but Jason has disappeared and Gary is unable to find him. Rosen says that he's with the school psychologist... but Bill is unaware that one of Stanton's Alphas is impersonating Rosen's voice.However, when Rachael calls Rosen's phone number later, she immediately realizes that it's the Alpha mimic and when she calls back, they have Gary trace the redirected call as Rachel identifies the background noises.

Later, at a party that Jason is having, the team arrive and the students swarm Cameron to stop him getting his shot, Gary runs off after Jason; Cameron grabs a tranq dart and runs after both of them. Jason grabs a pedestrian and commands him to punch Gary. He subsequently blames Bill for this and says that Bill should let him punch him.

Back at the office, after Stanton directs Nina on how to affect Jason's emotions, Gary confronts Stanton, insisting that he murdered Anna. However, Stanton says that the government murdered Anna and Rosen did nothing, and Rosen is the one who causes trouble for Alphas.

Later, Gary is the one that opens the doors when Jason's victims nearly crush themselves against the blast doors when they swarm the building.

The Devil Will Drag You Under[]

Gary is the one that finds the directions to where Scipio, Jeff and Hicks are robbing the Darpa Storage Facility.

Later, Nina stops at the break room in to see Gary, who is eating his pudding early. He's uncomfortable with the people they've called in to help find the grenades, and admits that he doesn't like Cameron and Danielle now that they've joined Stanton. Nina tells him that people do things for complicated reasons and Gary offers her one of his puddings. Bill then comes in and asks him to look into the Darpa robbery because Cameron was acting oddly, and Gary echoes Nina's words about people being complicated.

Cameron calls the others and Gary tells them that the crash site is the target. Cameron tells Gary to find a database, but Gary is busy using Skylar's phone to shut down the power and minimize the damage from the grenades. Gary needs time, Danielle buys him it, and when Stanton realises that the grid is shutting down, he detonates it with Danielle inside, but Gary confirms that he diverted the power. But the phone is out and there's no one there to boast to except for Lorenzo the janitor.


Kat gives Gary a plant for his man-cave and he complains that it probably has bugs. Bill comes over and asks Gary to do face grabs off of the video and check the Internet for matches. He doesn't have anything to do for a disappointed Kat.

In his office, Rosen looks at videos of Danielle as a child. He calls in Gary and asks him to handle a secret assignment for him, and Gary assures him that he won't tell anyone.

Later, Gary storms into the break room and tells Kat that she's under arrest. When Bill comes in, Gary explains that the leader in the video was Duncan Renfro and he found a photo of him from a year ago with Kat. Kat doesn't remember anything because of her abilities and Gary explains that there are lots of videos of people using the Jump drug. That night, Kat goes into the party while Bill and Gary watch from the van. after Dylan convinces Kat to go with him, Bill realizes that Kat has moved out of range and has Gary follow her. After Kat returns with Bill, who complains that she broke the rules, she points out that she did well and he's mad, and then tells him to take a blood sample from her; meanwhile, Gary takes Rosen Stanton's phone list after hacking it from the NSA computers. He's cracked the code and warns Rosen that it was created by an Alpha, and Rosen asks him to trace any active numbers in the New York area.

Later, it's Gary who finds Kat taking the keys to one of their vehicles and figures that she's going to help Dylan. Kat tells him that she cares about the guy like Gary cares about Bill. She asks for his help checking out an official government vehicle and he agrees as long as he drives. As they leave, Gary admits that he doesn't have much luck driving on roads with people and Kat takes the keys and says he can drive on the way back.

When Kat's tracked Dylan down and he's knocked her out, Gary comes for her after she doesn't answer her earbud.

When Bill tells Kat he's enlisted her in FBI training, Kat gives Bill and a disgusted Gary a hug.

Life After Death[]

At the office, Bill and Gary check on Cameron, and insist that he should eat something. Gary suggests that he try screaming and offers to show him how to do it, but Bill ushers him out.

As Nathan and his men go over Rosen's office, Nathan asks Gary to download all the investigation files. He refuses, saying that it's lunch, but offers to do it afterward. Gary comes back with pizza and runs into a young woman, Magda Ryan, who is waiting in the lobby and holding a baby boy. She asks if Rosen is there and Gary says that he isn't there. Magda knows that they help Alphas and Gary tells her that she should go, but Magda gives him the baby that she's carrying and then runs off, ignoring Gary's protests. Gary comes in with the baby and he explains what happened. He has looked up on the Internet how to take care of babies and gets it to calm down.

Later, at the office, Bill tries to get Gary to track Magda. He insists that he already did and lost her in an alleyway, and says that he's busy taking care of the baby. Nathan comes in and asks for the downloads but Gary tells him that he's busy, too. When Gary finally finds a photo of Magda on a beach in the Caribbean, Nina comes in and tells them that the baby's parents are there. The parents introduce themselves as Brian and Jane Kessler and explain that the baby is their son Adam. Gary is in his office taking care of Adam and lets the baby grasp his finger. Bill comes in and says that Adam's parents are there to pick him up and Gary shoves him out and locks the door. Nina comes over and they try to convince him to come out. Bill doesn't want to break in and set Gary off, and invites Gary to check the IDs. Gary tells his teammates that they only have driver licenses and no bank accounts or baby photos online.

Nina and Bill assure the Kesslers that Gary wouldn't hurt their baby. They suggest that Adam might have some ability that is affecting Gary, and want to call Rosen in to convince Gary to give up the baby. After this, Bill and Nina spilt up the Kesslers to question them seperately. After a fight breaks out and the couple have knocked out Nina and Bill, the couple goes for Gary, who refuses to hand over Adam. After the fight, rosen is back and he checks Gary and confirms that he has a high level of vasopressin hormones in his bloodstream. The hormones increase the instinctive desire to protect a child and Rosen believes that Adam can generate the hormone in anyone nearby. He gives Gary an antidote for the increased hormones. Nina tells Gary that he was incredible for protecting the baby.

If Memory Serves[]

Gary comes over and tells Rosen that he's traced another shipment from the factory in China that made the photic stimulators. Rosen asks him to determine what it is and Gary agrees, and then says that he has to go to the hospital because his mother was in a car accident.

At the hospital, Gary complains to Bill that he doesn't want to be there. Sandra is still in surgery and Gary doesn't see the point in being there if she's unconscious and Bill irritably suggests that he work his lead from there and admits that he was up with Baby Adam half the night. Gary goes to work and finds the manifest for the shipment to New York from Stanton's factory. However, it's all in Chinese and neither of them can read it. Later, Gary is ready to walk home but says that it is too far. Bill explains that Gary has to take care of his mother just like he took care of Baby Adam. Rosen calls to summon Bill back to the office and Bill tells Gary that he'll be back as soon as he can.

Sandra recovers consciousness and finds Gary at her bedside. He tells her that he'll come home to look after her but warns his mother that they have a new schedule. Sandra tells him that they'll make it work and then passes out as she has a stroke. The doctor rushes in and orders treatment, and the nurse gets Gary outside. Bill comes back to the hospital and Gary tells him that Sandra had a bigger stroke and is in a coma. Gary says that he's okay because it's not him that's had the stroke.

Need to Know[]

Gary comes in and tells Bill that he's figured it out, and that they kicked him out of the hospital. He explains that Skylar has a chip in her arm to communicate with her drones and that he pinged her. Later at the office, Bill checks on Gary, who says that Skylar is ignoring him. He also tells Bill that the rest of the team has taken the batteries out of their phones. Gary finally gets a signal from Skylar when she realises her chip is buzzing and Zoe suggests they call whoever's pinging her back.

Gary takes a taxi to where the Rosen, Nina, Hicks and Rachael are interrogating Scipio because Bill and Kat have gone there also and tells Bill that he's found Skylar. Bill, Kat and Gary go to find her. When Bill's taken her off of the IV drugs, Gary looks at the sketches she made and wonders what they are; Skylar warns them that it's the end of the world.

God's eye[]

Gary, who has checked the ERs and morgues for Rosen without success, is called by Rachael and he tells her this. He then goes to check on his mother and discovers that she's recovered consciousness. Gary tells the nurse to check Sandra out as Rosen arrives. Rosen apologizes for not being there for him but Gary points out that he was going to kill Stanton because of Danielle's murder. Despite that, Rosen convinces Gary to look for a "god's eye view" and the Alpha determines that Stanton is on a board of directors at the architectural firm that built the Empire State Building. Danielle tells Rosen to tell Gary that he won't see him again because he's going to die, but Rosen says that it's been very special making his acquaintance. As Rosen goes, Gary suggests that he call the others but Rosen says that he doesn't want the others to share in what he's going to do. Gary understands and watches as Rosen leaves. Gary talks to his comatose mother and says that Rosen is mad at Stanton. She comes out of the coma and tells Gary to help Rosen. She takes his hand and says that he has to go, and Gary tells her that he's glad she didn't die and leaves to find his friend.

As the power comes up at the station, Gary finds Rosen, who tells him that it's dangerous and that he needs to go immediately. Rosen explains that Stanton is there but Gary insists that he is going to make his own choices and that it's fair that he help Rosen after everything Rosen has done for him. Realizing Gary won't leave, Rosen takes him with him. Nina gets a call from Gary explaining that he's with Rosen.

Gary goes up to get clear of the stone walls and access the security cameras. Gary checks the security cameras on the upper concourse.

Gary realizes that it's time as Kat and Skylar arrive, telling everybody to run. The photostims activate and everyone collapses... except Gary. He walks among the bodies and calls for Bill. When he gets to the tracks, he finds the others lying unconscious or dead on the platform next to Stanton.