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Gary Bell/Season 1
Portrayed By Ryan Cartwright
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Male
Age 20
Family Sandra Bell (mother)

DCIS Agent

Alpha Type Alphatype-transducer Transducer

Gary Bell is a main character of Season One and is a Transducer.


In the beginning, Gary is at home eating cereal before Dr. Rosen comes to pick him up. He later argues with Bill. When the television stops working, he fixes it and tries unsuccessfully to convince Dr. Rosen to let him drive. When they arrive at the crime scene, he argues with a woman guarding the door until Nina uses her power to send the woman away. Later, he uses his powers to track the Ghost's cell phone signal in an effort to catch him, but he still manages to escape. In the end, Gary proves himself invaluable by realizing the Ghost's proximity due to the reappearance of the cell signal, although Nina locks him in the car to keep him safe. He is later seen sleeping on the couch at the offices.

Cause & Effect[]

Gary helps track down the bad guy.

Anger Management[]

Gary has trouble with an antenna messing with his signals and asks Bill to shoot it but he denies he is then given a task tracking an alpha who can make people angry, but when they catch him the alpha makes him and everyone go mad, eventually the team track the alpha down again and arrest him. With Matthew safely secured at the Binghamton Special Research Facility and his ex-girlfriend safe from harm, the team is left to ponder what will become of them now that Agent Wilson, their Homeland Security handler, is dead. Ironically, Gary and Hicks, the two team-members who had the most trouble adjusting, are the two who are least worried. Especially after Hicks fixes the humming that only Gary can hear.


Gary is at home and his mother Sandra makes sure his water is the right temperature. He disagrees and refuses to get it himself, and she goes back to try again. As Gary studies the transmissions, he sees something interesting and then says "Gotcha." Gary and his teammates are in a van when Gary tracks Milos Kosar from his cell signal they then storm in the house but Milos creates a blackout that allows him to escape After a few seconds the lights come up and Rachel reports that she is only picking up one heartbeat in the backroom. Cameron and Bill investigate and find a woman sitting in a rocking chair, seemingly oblivious to their presence. The next morning, Rosen tries to get through to the woman without success. He concludes that the home owner, Anna, is a barely-functional autistic and Nina reports that Anna has no family. Rosen asks Nina to watch over Gary and Anna, who he's keeping at the house, and leaves. Inside, Gary watches as Anna goes through her own routine, feeling and stroking objects. Gary tries to get through to Anna and get her to explain. When she doesn't respond, Gary calls Nina's cell phone and puts her on mute. Once he has a signal, he tries to pick up what Anna's trying to say. He realizes that she's saying that she can help Gary and his team finds Milos. That night, Gary calls Rosen in and explains that the signal he picked up from Milos' cell phone was a transmission that Anna encoded. He explains that Anna understands every language and Rosen tests her by speaking in Swahili. Gary is able to translate for her by reading the sounds she creates. Once he's alone with Nina, Rosen explains that Anna is a living universal translator. He's checked her case history and determined that she has apraxia, preventing her from being able to communicate. Anna has created her own unique language and no one noticed that she was an Alpha until Red Flag figured it out. Rosen believes that Anna can help them translate the tablet and believes she needs to stay in her house for maximum stability. Sandra calls Rosen and demands that he bring Gary home. When Gary gets home, he says that since he's late he won't go to bed that night. When he goes inside, Sandra says that they can't keep putting Gary through the paces. Rosen explains that Gary has met a girl similar to himself and promises that there won't be any more late nights. Satisfied for the moment, Sandra goes inside with her son. The next day, Gary gives Anna the tablet and asks her to decrypt Kosar's emails. She uses the sounds she makes by stroking a hairbrush to tie into the tablet and uses its voice synthesizer to talk to Gary. Excited, Gary talks about his ability and describes how he sees the signals. Nina comes in and tells them to get to work, and Anna starts translating. As they work, Gary and Anna talk and she says that he doesn't need anyone to take care of him. Gary explains that he doesn't like to take care of certain things himself. Anna translates a file and gets the year wrong. He asks her to count to ten and she refuses, but admits she made a mistake. When Nina tells Gary that he has to go, he refuses and accuses her of pushing him. Gary insists that he's fine and refuses to discuss it any further with her. Anna thanks Gary for staying with him, but he asks why she lied to him. He explains that he went through the messages and confirmed that she gave him the wrong truck number on purpose and tried to fool him. Gary assumes that Anna works for Red Flag, but Anna explains that Red Flag works for her Anna explains that she writes all of the messages for Red Flag and that she wants Gary to join them. She promises that she won't treat him as a child, but Gary says that he can figure out what she did and that he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Anna agrees to help but first explains that there is a birth-defect prevention drug named Renestrin that will also prevent the birth of new Alphas. Gary says that Red Flag tried to kill Rosen, who is willing to help her. Anna says that she doesn't need his help and that Rosen isn't one of them. She overloads the tablet, jamming Gary with signals and causing him to collapse in pain. Gary's teammates come to help him and Gary gives Rosen files on red flag he got from Anna later that night Anna sends Gary a message saying she is sorry and hopes they can still be friends.

Never Let Me Go[]

Gary helps the team by going with Hicks to the Highschool and using his abilities to read the students texts and find out about David Burton a a troubled football player whom few people seem to like, but when they catch him, he starts to attack Gary but Hicks comes to save him, when the fight is over deteriorating too but is saved by Rosen.

Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure[]

The team is tracking an individual who seems to have some connection to Red Flag. When Rachel and Gary are the last team members at the van, Rachel leaves the van and tells Gary not to leave. Gary soon moves from the back seat to the front. Soon after, a cop comes and asks Gary for I.D. When Gary gives him his DCIS badge, the cop thinks it is fake and arrests Gary, bringing him to the precinct. While at the precinct, Gary, surfs through electronic signals, and sees a video of a kidnapped women. He mentions the video to Bill, who decides that the case is just what he needs to get back in the FBI, using the influence of the girl's rich father. Because the ransom demand mentions a Mexican cartel Bill used to investigate, he brings Gary to visit one of his old contacts at a small Mexican restaurant. After Gary scans the informant's cellphone which surprises the informant, Bill rules out the cartel's involvement. They track one of the kidnappers to a bar, but when Gary reveals their presence, Bill gets into a physical altercation, and loses the suspect. Gary insists that he can track the kidnappers' phone. Bill convinces Dr. Rosen to involve the entire team to help find the kidnapped woman, they soon find her alive and well afterwards Bill gives Gary the chance to drive.

Catch and Release[]

Gary's mom lies to him about Rosen not needing him due to the fact that she makes him tell her what he is doing she believe she is putting him in unwanting danger which worries her, eventually however he tells her that the team needs him and he can help to which he runs away. With his unexpected assistance, the team finds out that Skylar has been protecting her mathematically gifted daughter Zoe all along.

A Short Time in Paradise[]

When Rachel attends her sister’s wedding with Gary as her “date,” things get awkward when she detects that her father is sick. Her family, as usual, reacts poorly to Rachel’s gift but soften after getting some spot-on advice from Gary, Gary then helps in bringing Jonas's cult down.

Blind Spot[]

Gary uses his transducer abilities to "see" Griffin through a security camera feed from the building across the street from the team's office.

The Unusual Suspects[]

Gary is tranquilized while en route to a car show, and is trapped with the rest of Rosen's Team in Binghamton. Because of Gary's autism, Eric Latreux cannot read his expressions properly, and therefore cannot tell if or when he lies.

After Clay's team surrounds Rosen's Team in a warehouse, Gary is kidnapped by a Red Flag morphogene Alpha impersonating Dr. Rosen. The morphogene intends to convince Gary to delete a series of documents from Rosen's cloud server.

Original Sin[]

Gary sneaks away from home and from the team's offices to visit his friend, Anna. He believes that if he asks Anna direct questions, she will tell him about Stanton Parrish. Gary also objects to the raid on Red Flag's meeting, which put Anna at risk. Following the raid, Gary enters the meeting's warehouse, and has a meltdown after he sees what someone on "his side" did to Anna.

During Rosen's speech in Washington, D.C., Gary is responsible for hacking into public broadcast feeds and display screens, broadcasting Rosen's speech in the most public way possible.