Alphas Wiki
First Seen Original Sin
Last Seen Original Sin
Status Deceased
Gender Female

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Navigator

Gabby was a Navigator Alpha. She was formerly a member of Red Flag. She was responsible for locating targets for Red Flag assassin Isaac Hale.


Season 1[]

"Original Sin"[]

Isaac works with another Alpha to track someone through the streets of New York City. They figure the Alpha finds the target and Isaac kills them. The other Red Flag agents have gone to ground and Isaac is their only lead. The tracker finally spots a couple, Danielle and Will, as they go to a pawnshop to get her money for her fix. The tracker leaves and Isaac closes in on the couple and demands that Danielle turn over something.

Later, She was among the members of Red Flag killed when tactical teams entered the compound where she and many other Red Flag members went for a meeting with their leader Stanton Parish. However he did not show.

Physical Appearance[]

Tracker is of Asian decent and she is scrawny and small.


Tracker, being a Navigator Alpha, she is able to find any spot on Earth as long as they know what to look for. She uses her finger and she points in the right direction.