Portrayed By Lisa Ryder
First Seen "God's Eye"
Status Living
Gender Female


Alpha Type Healer

Fiona is a seemingly freelance Alpha who knows Rosen, who he turns to for help when wounded.

Events Edit

Season 2 Edit

God's EyeEdit

When Rosen is wounded by Jeff Kowalka, he goes to Fiona's apothecary and holistic treatment shop for help. They know each other and is glad to help when he asks her to treat his bullet wounds. Fiona removes the bullet and inserts her fingers into Rosen's wound, explaining that she "needs to seal the major blood vessels." Once she's done, Fiona advises him to go to rest or go to the ER but Rosen says there is something important he needs to do.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Fiona is a Healer, able to seal off blood vessels with a touch. The full extent of her abilities is not known. However, she warns Rosen that her abilities aren't "magic," suggesting that her ability to heal damage is much less than an Alpha such as Stanton Parish.

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