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Season 2, Episode 8
Air Date September 17, 2012
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"Falling" is the eighth episode of the second season Alphas. It airs on Syfy on September 17, 2012.


Kat volunteers to help track down the source of a new street drug, Jump, which gives humans Alpha-level invulnerability. While working undercover, she meets a man from her unremembered past. Meanwhile, Rosen identifies the mole and Cameron and Danielle spend quality time with Cameron's son Tyler.


Four college students go to the top of a high building, take a drug called Jump, and then jump off the roof. They film themselves falling, crash to the ground, and then get up and get ready to go again.

Rosen meets Cley at his home for breakfast and asks what he meant about how the investigation into the mole is moving forward. Cley explains that when the team recovered Rosen, they opened a temporary doorway into his communication network and downloaded his call list. The NSA has been decoding it and thinks that they'll have something solid in a few days. Cley's son Duncan comes in to get tape for his school project and then comments that parents always have to wonder whether to help their children or let them deal with their own problems. Rosen agrees and asks to look at the numbers, but Cley warns him that he can't bring him in because the security is too tight.

Back at the office, Rosen meets with John and Bill. The analysts have found the video of the jumpers online and turned it over to them, and Bill figures that the drug is turning people into Alphas. A distracted Rosen agrees and lets him take over the investigation. Surprised, Bill agrees and watches as Rosen walks away.

Kat gives Gary a plant for his man-cave and he complains that it probably has bugs. Bill comes over and asks Gary to do face grabs off of the video and check the Internet for matches. He doesn't have anything to do for a disappointed Kat.

Rachel and John go to the break room and she talks him through his upcoming meeting with her parents. He assures her that if he can handle combat, he can handle her parents. Rachel assures him that she's not worried. As soon as he leaves the break room, Nina tells Rachel to take deep breaths to avoid panicking. Rachel worries that her parents will rip him to shreds.

In his office, Rosen looks at videos of Danielle as a child. He calls in Gary and asks him to handle a secret assignment for him, and Gary assures him that he won't tell anyone.

Cameron goes to the airport with Danielle and picks up his son Tyler as he flies in for his weekend. As they go, Danielle makes small talk with the boy and suggests they check out a skate park. He's clearly uncomfortable with Danielle, and casually makes a ricochet shot to throw his pop can away. Cameron notices and grins nervously.

Gary storms into the break room and tells Kat that she's under arrest. When Bill comes in, Gary explains that the leader in the video was Duncan Renfro and he found a photo of him from a year ago with Kat. Kat doesn't remember anything because of her abilities and Gary explains that there are lots of videos of people using the Jump drug. Dylan has an advertisement for a party on his Facebook page and Kat suggests that she go undercover and reacquaint herself with the guy. Bill warns Kat that she doesn't have any field training but she reminds him that she kicked his ass and he gives in.

That night, Kat goes into the party while Bill and Gary watch from the van. Dylan comes up to her and reminds her that they know each other. He knows about her memory issues and offers to reintroduce her by kissing, and she accepts. Another girl, April, comes over and Dylan explains that Kat's an old friend. He asks for a minute and April walks away, and Kat asks if they're together. Dylan assures Kat that she's irreplaceable. Meanwhile, one party-goer starts hitting the other with a baseball bat. The unharmed Jump user gets up as the crowd cheers and Kat asks for a sample. Dylan has a dose on him, takes it, and then kisses Kat and slips it into her mouth. Her hand twitches briefly and then he takes her out of the club to show her what it does.

Bill realizes that Kat has moved out of range and has Gary follow her. Meanwhile, Dylan takes Kat up to the roof of a building and suggests that the two of them jump together. Kat feels ill and Dylan asks her to trust him. He takes her hand and they jump off together, screaming. They hit the street and Dylan gets up, unharmed. Kat joins her and they run off together as the police pull up.

Back at the office, Rachel keeps briefing John about her parents and he finally tells her in Farsi that he can handle her parents. She says that she should have told him that but he says that he wanted it to be a surprise.

Kat returns with Bill, who complains that she broke the rules. She points out that she did well and he's mad, and then tells him to take a blood sample from her. Meanwhile, Gary takes Rosen Stanton's phone list after hacking it from the NSA computers. He's cracked the code and warns Rosen that it was created by an Alpha, and Rosen asks him to trace any active numbers in the New York area.

At home, Cameron asks Danielle if she saw Tyler throw the can. She doesn't think that it's suspicious but says that it doesn't matter even if Tyler is an Alpha. Cameron wants to help his son understand it so he doesn't feel like a freak and wants to have Rosen run tests on Tyler. Danielle takes his hand and says that he shouldn't because Rosen ruined her life with tests, and Cameron immediately agrees. He assures her that he loves her and Danielle returns the sentiments.

Rachel examines the blood sample and discovers that it reshaped the tissue at the molecular level, creating a protective shield of hardened skin. However, Nina reports that one kid, Tony Dolan, turned up dead a day after he took Jump. The hardening didn't stop at Tony's skin and caused cardiac fibrosis. Gary has turned up eight other incidents of cardiac fibrosis in the last three weeks. Bill wants to get Kat checked out while they get the drug off the streets.

Danielle returns home and finds Rosen waiting on the steps. He assures her that everything is fine and he just came by to see her. Danielle invites him up to her apartment and he sees the painting she made in 7th grade that she's kept. Rosen points out that she used to tell him everything and assures her that she still can. Danielle hesitates and then admits that she's worried that she'll inevitably screw things up with Cameron. Her father says that nothing is inevitable and Danielle admits that she's starting to believe that. When Rosen hesitates, she asks if anything is wrong and he asks for a cup of tea. When she goes to the kitchen, Rosen takes her cell phone out of her purse and checks the call list against the ones on Gary's decrypted list. He doesn't find any matches and sighs in relief... and then finds a second phone in her purse that does match the number on the list. After they have tea, Rosen goes down to his car and considers what to do next.

The next morning, Rosen returns to the office and Cley gets in the elevator with him. He figures that Rosen is worried about the investigation and assures him that he's tripled the manpower. As Cley gets off at his floor, he admits that he helped Duncan after all and when your kid needs help, you have to do it.

Rachel talks to Nina about how John speaks Farsi and then says that she cancelled the dinner. She worries that her parents actually like him and worries that she's not ready. Her last boyfriend was three years ago and she had to get so drunk that she wouldn't feel anything. Nina assures her that John isn't that guy but Rachel says that she's still the same freak. Her friend says that she's changed as well and she's strong and capable.

Kat meets with Dylan to have ice cream on the roof of his apartment. He gets her favorite ice cream mix and she discovers that she likes it. Kat then asks what they're going to do and Dylan assure her that he controls the New York franchise of Jump. He then gives her a knife and explains that she gave it to him the last time he saw her. Dylan explains that she used to hustle money by stabbing it fast between her fingers. When Kat sees the initials JD on the knife. Dylan admits that he doesn't know who it is and figures that it's someone before his time.

Back at the office, Kat tells Bill that she can't arrest Dylan. He insists that they will and then force him to give up his source, but Kat says that she can do it on her own. Bill doesn't buy it and tells her to let him do his job.

Cameron is practicing batting with Tyler and his son keeps missing. The other kids laugh at him and Tyler insists that he sucks and wants to go home to his mother in Arizona.

Gary finds Kat taking the keys to one of their vehicles and figures that she's going to help Dylan. Kat tells him that she cares about the guy like Gary cares about Bill. She asks for his help checking out an official government vehicle and he agrees as long as he drives. As they leave, Gary admits that he doesn't have much luck driving on roads with people and Kat takes the keys and says he can drive on the way back.

Rosen has Nina meet him at a diner and asks her to get a passport under a false name. She says she can get it within a few hours and Rosen gives her a photo of Danielle to use.

Danielle arrives at Cameron's apartment and finds Tyler packing to leave. Cameron admits to Danielle that he was testing to see if Tyler had inherited his ability, and Danielle says that he didn't need to do it. She asks Tyler to talk to her but he says he doesn't want to talk, so she promises he doesn't have to. Tyler goes out and Danielle asks him if he's heard about Alphas. When he says that he has, Danielle says that she is one and takes his hand and Cameron's. She then lets Cameron feel what Tyler felt on the baseball field, and Tyler feel what Cameron feels about him. Cameron apologizes and Tyler admits that he thought his father was disappointed in him. Danielle tells Tyler that it's love and then walks away while Cameron hugs his son, crying.

Rosen explains that Stanton has swayed Danielle to his side and Cley is about to arrest her, and he needs to get his daughter away. Nina says that Danielle will never survive without money, but Rosen warns her that they'll send Danielle to Binghamton . He blames himself but Nina says that Danielle has made her own mistakes and suggests that Rosen let Cley do his job. Rosen refuses to let anything endanger his daughter.

Kat goes back to Dylan's apartment and tells him that a tac team is coming and he has to get out. He realizes that he's betrayed her but Kat says that she's making it up to him and they have to get out. As he goes to get some stuff, Kat hears a beeping sound in the next room. She investigates and finds a lab and Shelley, a woman in a tub with a blood bump hooked up to her arm. Kat realizes that Dylan is taking the woman's blood and she's an Alpha. Shelley insists that Dylan is hers but Kat pulls out the lines and tries to get her out. Dylan knocks Kat out and then grabs Shelly and the drugs and tells Kat that they'll do the same thing in a couple of months when she forgets and comes back to him.

The dazed Kat looks up as Gary comes for her after she doesn't answer her earbud. Kat takes one of the remaining drug tablets and goes out on the roof as Dylan drives away with Shelley. Unsure if the Jump has kicked in, Kat runs to the edge, jumps, and misses, falling onto Dylan's car. She's unharmed and pulls Dylan out of the car and beats him unconscious.

Cameron and Danielle take Tyler to the airport and Danielle wishes the boy a good flight. As Cameron walks his son to the terminal, Danielle gets a text message asking her to meet at Riverside Park at 3 p.m.

Kat is at the office doing the knife trick when Bill stops her. She admits that she was nothing but Alpha ass to Dylan and she's the perfect mark. Bill tells her that Dylan admitted in interrogation that he could never get her to do anything too crazy. Kat thanks him for the reassurance and shows him the knife, and Bill tells her that it's hers and she should keep it as a memento of her first undercover assignment. She insists on giving Bill a hug as Gary comes in, and Bill tells Kat that he's enrolling her in the FBI Quantico training program. He figures that she can pass in two weeks and Kat gives a disgusted Gary a hug.

At the park, Danielle waits on a bench and Rosen sits down next to her. He tells his daughter that Stanton isn't coming and that he sent the message. Danielle says that Stanton found her on the streets when she was turning tricks, and she doesn't need Rosen's help. When she says that Stanton plans to bring them together, Rosen says that it will never happen. John and his team move in and Danielle surrenders.

When Rosen returns to the office, Cameron grabs him and demands to know why he didn't protect his daughter. After a moment he lets Rosen go and walks away.

Bill and the others are in the conference room and Bill admits that he should have seen it. They figure that Rosen is heartbroken.

Rosen comes to see Danielle and she admits that it's a relief. She asks Rosen to have them put her in Building 7 and insert a chip in her head so that she can disappear for good. Rosen assures her that it won't happen and promises that it isn't the end. He says that there's a way out and begs her to take it.

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John Bennett: Rachel.
Rachel: Uh-huh.
John Bennett: You know I've been in actual combat, right?
Rachel: Yes.
John Bennett: I think i can handle dinner with your parents.
Rachel: Yes.
John Bennett: Yeah.

Rosen: Gary, uh, you can't speak to anyone about this. If that makes you uncomfortable, I understand.
Gary: No, I'm not uncomfortable. Because I'm a secret agent. Secrets are what I do my best. Secret's is my middle name.

Kat: But you'll have my six. I'll be fine.
Gary: No, Bill's not going to have your six. he's my partner. He gets my six.

Bill: And if this Dylan Renfro guy is dangerous...
Kat: I kicked your ass.
Bill: Aren't you supposed to forget things?
Kat: I wrote that one down.

Bill: There are rules, Kat, and Rule Number One: you don't dive off a frickin' roof.
Kat: That doesn't sound like a real rule.

Gary: You didn't even ask me to, but I cracked it anyway.
Rosen: Well, what does it mean?
Gary: It means that I took initiative.
Rosen: No, I know. Gary. Uh, thank you. But, no, the numbers.

Rachel: But I'm still me. And I'm a total freak.
Nina: No, Rachel, you're not. Think of everything you've done since then. Think of everything you do here, every day. You're strong and you're capable, and we're all freaks.

Kat: Can you drive?
Gary: Yeah, of course. I passed the test online. I got a perfect score. But I'm better if I don't drive on roads where there are other cars or people, just 'cause--'cause they don't always obey the rules and I could mow people down.

Gary: Shouldn't do that. It's inappropriate. We don't squeeze other agents.

Rachel: He must be heartbroken.
Gary: No, hearts don't really break. They can stop and they can leak, but they can't really break. It just--it gets tired. Gives up after a while.


  • Casting calls went out for Dylan, a guy from Kat's past, Dylan's friend April, little Dani, one of Nathan Clay's two sons, Shelley & Tony, two twenty-somethings living dangerously, and Mrs. Dolan, Tony's mother. [1]
  • Azita Ghanizada, Rachel Pirzad, mentioned that there was a love scene coming up for Rachel. Probably somewhere between episodes 2x03 and 2x07. [2]
  • The music playing at the party is "To Lose My Life" by White Lies
  • Gianpaolo Venuta is not credited.



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