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Ernesto Morez
Portrayed By Jeff Seymour
The Ghost
Seen In Pilot
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Alpha Type Alphatype-influencer Influencer

The Ghost is an Influencer somewhat similar to Nina Theroux. He also makes a habit of including a suicide command so that the targets kills themselves after they have completed their tasks to avoid leaving a trail. The Ghost has severe obsessive-compulsive tendencies and must plan events down to the minute.


Season 1[]


The Ghost came to the attention of Lee Rosen's group when he allowed them to track him through his control of Cameron Hicks. His plan was to lure the Alphas close enough to him so that he could take over and program one of them into killing their leader, Dr. Lee Rosen. His plan succeeded to the point that he was able to take over Bill Harken and command him to kill Dr. Rosen.

The Ghost was killed by Cameron Hicks when he tried to kidnap Rachel Pirzad.

Physical Appearance[]

Ghost is a Hispanic male. He has dark hair and a medium build. He has a scarred right hand.


A powerful Influencer alpha, the ghost's ability is initiated by touching his intended target. He then uses a specific radio frequency to "activate" his pawns. Once activated, his targets stay in a trance-like state until they complete the task they were given or are forcibly snapped out of it, usually with a blow to the head or through a medication that counters the effects of forced induction. When his targets return to normal they have little to no memory of their actions while under his control.


The Hand (101)
  • The palm of the Ghost's right hand is scarred, it also seems that the scars have something to do with his ability.
  • The Ghost's wardrobe consists entirely of identical three piece light colored suits, with matching leather gloves.