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Eric Letrobe
Portrayed By Tom Barnett
Eric Letrobe
Seen In "The Unusual Suspects"
Status Living
Gender Male

Consultant for Rosen's Team

Alpha Type Translator Translator

Eric Letrobe is an Alpha recently released from Binghamton who has the ability to read the micro-expressions on a person's face, giving him a fair chance at gauging their thoughts.


Before being taken to Binghamton, Eric used his Alpha ability to run short cons and cheat at poker, but no single event is cited as the reason he was taken into custody. Because of his ability, Eric has trouble relating to people, as he can clearly detect the lies people use everyday. He calls Dr. Rosen's honesty "refreshing". It's also clear that Eric has a significant romantic interest in Rachel.


Eric was introduced as an aide during Nathan Clay's interrogation of the team in the episode The Unusual Suspects. Behind a one-way mirror, he watched as the team members reacted to Clay's questions, looking for any lies or evasions.

After the Morphogene imposter was revealed and put into custody, Clay agreed to release Eric from Binghamton and suggested he work with Dr. Rosen from time to time. Eric was elated.


Eric possesses an enhanced ability to read Micro-expressions and body language. Micro-expressions are brief involuntary facial expressions lasting only 1/25 of a second for humans. (more information on Micro-expressions see here [1]. It is believed that due to his ability to precieve micro-expressions all the time without the need of training, he could possibly be classified as a translator. Eric's ability allows him to perceive peoples emotions and makes him a human lie detector by reading peoples faces and body language. Eric himself has stated that his ability is not 100% accurate but extremely effective.


Eric can read micro-expressions, which only a small amount of people in reality can truly see without much aid, and even with them its still not 100 percent. Although people can learn how to read micro-expressions here [2], here [3], and here [4]