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Hyperlimbic Feedback
- Danielle Rosen, telling Hicks about her power
Empathetic Contagion
Empath Conn
Ability Info
Description Forcing victims to feel selective feelings from user, through physical contact
  • Danielle Rosen

Empathetic Contagions can pass their emotions on to others and make the target feel what they are feeling.


  • Pain
  • Hurt


Human emotion can mainly be traced back to, physiologically, four neurochemicals: norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. A balance of these chemicals can be found in any of a person's moods, and they drive basic human instincts like harm-avoidance, novelty-seeking, and reward-dependence. An empath has a special connection to this chemical equilibrium.

Using touch, the alpha can tap into this chemical system. First, they can sense emotion. This means that empaths have a sensitivity to the chemicals as secreted by our pores. Someone with severe anxiety would have a high level of norepinephrine present in their blood stream, and subsequently in their sweat.

This is followed by the alpha taking on the emotion of the other person. Touching the other person, the alpha can absorb some of the excess chemical present in a heightened emotional state. This changes their mood and emotional state, while siphoning off the excess, lowering the heightened state of the other person. Users are able to use their ability to their advantage. They can make anyone feel their feelings or selective feelings. After using this power, the user will feel pain. Drugs have been shown to help side-affects.

Known Empathetic Contagions[]