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Electrogenic Alphas are able to produce and discharge large voltages, often at the cost of shorting out electronics for a short time afterwards as the static dissipates.


  • Aggressive
  • Quick Thinking


The human body is an electrical system. The nervous system controls an electrochemical current, while the body processes food to generate electricity, using liquids as a conductive medium. We have often been compared to a battery, or an electrical engine. There are even cases where a human being can absorb large amounts of current and survive.

Electrogenic alphas are able to tap into this system, using it to influence other systems, and self-generate freeform electricity. On a physiological level, this means the alpha's metabolism is tuned to the production of electricity, and his body is toughened against electrical shock. On a neural level, the alpha's sensory organs are keyed to electricity, gauging its intensity and direction; other unknown neural functions allow them to change intensity and direction.

Some sub-power(s) of being a Electrogenic:

  • Heightened Strength: Brian Kessler displayed the ability to temporarily augment his strength to a level where he could throw a amped-up Hyperadrenal into a wall and temporarily stun him. Brian may be able to use electricity to "convulse" his muscles. It is unlikely he can match the strength of a Hyperadrenal in the long-term, but combined with natural generation of electrcity, the ability makes him a formidable hand-to-hand fighter.

Known Electrogenics[]