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Dylan Renfro
Portrayed By Gianpaolo Venuta
Seen In "Falling"
Status Living
Gender Male

Drug Dealer

Dylan Renfro is a college-age NYC drug dealer.


Season 2[]

Dylan distributes a drug commonly called "Jump" which gives temporary invulnerability. He met Kat a year ago and knows that she is an Alpha. It is revealed that he knows Kat intimately, providing personal information about Kat's abilities and limitations and even her favorite foods. He used the blood of an Alpha, Shelly, to create his drug with no regard to the health risks to her or those taking the drug who could potentially die. When Kat discovered this Dylan incapacitated her and revealed that in the past he had manipulated Kat, exploiting her memory loss and using her abilities for his own ends. Kat captures him and, after beating him unconscious, turns him over to the authorities swearing he will never use her again.


It is not clear where Dylan acquired his expertise in drug manufacturing, or if he was acting alone.