Danielle Rosen
Portrayed By Kathleen Munroe
First Seen Original Sin
Also Known As


Status Living
Gender Female
Family Lee Rosen (father)
Alpha Type Empathetic Contagion

Danielle Sophia Rosen is the daughter of Dr. Lee Rosen and an Alpha with an ability of sharing emotions, who has a past relationship with Stanton Parish.



Danielle lived with her father for most of her childhood, with Dr. Rosen realizing the nature of her Alpha ability at age nine. She characterizes those years as possibly abusive, as her father manipulated her into using her powers on her mother, who was considering leaving Lee. Her empathic powers also allow negative emotions from nearby people in, keeping Danielle in a fairly constant state of pain. Running away at an early age, Danielle coped with her Alpha power by self-medicating, with drugs from opiates to anti-convulsives.

Season 1

Season 2

Physical Appearance

Dani has long brown hair and is skinny. She also a white female. She has a slight appearance of pain and sorrow.


Dani's Alphas ability allows her to force emotions onto other people. Blue little circles come from her hands and onto other people. After using her power, she has a feeling of pain.


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