Seen In "The Unusual Suspects"
Status Living
Gender Male

Red Flag Agent

Alpha Type Morphogene

Creighton is a Red Flag agent and a Morphogene Alpha. He presumably has an English accent, as he spoke with one at a moment when his disguise had failed.


The agent used his shapeshifting ability to impersonate Dr. Lee Rosen and steal confidential files concerning the MK-Ultra experiments, resulting in the deaths of three scientists who worked on the project, presumably the precursors to the DoD's Alpha project.

Rosen's Team was detained as a result, at which point the agent, still disguised, helped them to escape. He then attempted to have Gary Bell destroy the files that he had stolen, but was thwarted by the real Dr. Rosen. He impersonated Gary while attempting to escape. Despite this, he was caught and sent to Binghamton's Building Seven, a mysterious facility where dangerous Alphas are sent, never to be heard from again.

Alpha Ability

Stated above, he is able to morph his body structure from bones to skin into any shape he wants, essentially able to shape shift and impersonate any male human. However, he needs exact detail to make the impersonation perfect, such as taking detailed notes over the different body parts and studying the target for an unknown time to understand the personality quirks. Also, he can only do this for a short period of time, and too long in another form causes him severe pain to the point where he spit up blood.


  • While impersonating Gary Bell, the agent dropped his act; at this point Ryan Cartwright used his natural English accent.
  • Though the morphogene is never named directly, Hale (the necrotic assassin) does say that "Creighton wanted [Rosen] alive to take the fall." Given its English derivation, Creighton is likely this agent's name.
  • Crichton is, of course the eponyous butler and hero of J.M. Barrie's play "The Admirable Crichton".
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