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Cornell Scipio
Portrayed By Elias Toufexis
First Seen "Wake Up Call"
Also Known As


Status Living
Gender Male

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Pyrotechnic

Cornell Scipio, or Scipio is a Red Flag operative with a strong tactical sense and a pyrotechnic Alpha ability.


Season 2[]

Wake Up Call[]

Cornell is shown as a prisoner of Building 7 at Binghamton before being released by Megan Bates. He helped organize the subsequent revolt, took hostages, and directed the escape of most of the alphas. After escaping, he meets with Stanton Parish in Queens during an attack on a freight train.

Powers and Abilities[]


When Cornell's adrenal glands are in heavy use, his sweat produces chemicals that when combined with considerable friction (usually rubbing his hands together) produce combustion. Since he shows no clear pain during this process, presumably his body produces some sort of buffering material or is super-resistant to heat. Only his hands are heat resistant. The rest of his body is vulnerable to his own powers and other sources of heat.

His alpha ability is augmented in "Alphaville", when Dr. Rosen shoots him with the photo simulator . He is now able to make flames without putting his hands together, but merely by certain movement on his part. And it seems that due to the photo simulator augmenting his Alpha abilities, he seems to be sweating a lot more, causing certain movements by him to let out a sort of combustible fluid that burns on contact.


  • Cornell's last name is the same as the Roman general who defeated Hannibal in 202 BC.