Alphas Wiki
Portrayed By Conrad Coates
Seen In "Alphaville"
Status Living
Gender Male

Founder of Alphaville

Alpha Type Transducer

Claude is an Alpha who can attune himself to and control signals found in nature. He opens Gary's eyes to the messages beyond the electromagnetic all around.


Season 2[]

Bill and Gary meet Claude in the woods outside of Alphaville. He directs a swarm of bees away from Gary and explains that he founded the colony. He appears to function as a de facto mayor of the community, and is hostile toward Rosen because he revealed the existence of Alphas to the world. Later, Rosen unintentionally boosts Scipio's powers and the Alpha causes a forest fire that burns down Alphaville. Although Claude is unaware of the specific role that Rosen played, he blames him for the destruction.


Claude appears to be a specialized form of transducer, focusing on electromagnetic signals found in nature, and was seen being able to control swarms of bees, to a degree, in this manner. Most likely by manipulating the ambient electromagnetism to exploit the insects' magnetoreception-based navigation capabilities. He seems to be familiar with Gary's abilities, suggesting that he can attune himself to signals in nature, but whether Claude can or will use his ability on electromagnetic devices as well is unknown.