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Chris Elkhart
105-Chris Elkhart
First Seen Never Let Me Go
Last Seen Never Let Me Go
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age Teens
Family Jessica Elkhart

High-School Student

Chris Elkhart was a high-school student and the son of Jessica Elkhart, a Pheromone Generating Alpha. He committed suicide because of being bullied.



Jessica Elkhart discovered her ability when Chris was born. She "felt this overwhelming rush of love" and soon learned she could make others feel the same way. It wasn't until after her son died that she found out that her ability had negative consequences. She discovered this because her husband confided in her that he knew about their son being bullied in school, but did nothing. She told him she never wanted to see him again, and the next day he was dead.

Season 1[]

"Never Let Me Go"[]

Jessica is the cause for the deaths of several towns people, due to their poor treatment to her son. Jessica justifies her murders by calling it "justice." A group of Alphas, come and investigate and they find that Jessica tries to kill one of the members. Jessica is then sent to Binghamton.