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Season 2

The following page provides information on Cameron specifically during Season 2. For general information on Cameron, please refer to this page.

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Cameron Hicks/Season 2
Portrayed By Warren Christie
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Patti Hicks (ex-wife)
Tyler Hicks (son)
Alpha Type Hyperkinetic Hyperkinetic

Cameron Hicks continues to be a main character and a Hyperkinetic Alpha.

Wake Up Call[]

Meanwhile, Hicks and Bill continue to work for the DoD, working to capture a trio of alphas who have been pulling off armed robberies. The team uses sonic, hyperadrenal, and electrogenic abilities. Two of the trio gets away. Hicks' power is on the fritz, without Dr. Rosen, it is hard to control his powers. At the office Hicks and Bill taught each other about the fight yesterday. The electrogenic alpha is in one of the offices. Hicks tells Bill about an Alpha chatroom. Bill says it is "pimply face teenagers, pretending to be Alphas." Hicks replies that Gary goes onto the chatroom; which Bill asks did Hicks contact Gary, since his mother has no sign of him. Hicks denies this.

After capturing Megan Bates, the electrogenic alpha, Bill, Hicks, Clay and some others bring her to Binghamton, where a new program of incarceration has been instituted in Building 7. A chip is installed in the nervous system of each inmate, preventing alphas from using their abilities while sedating them heavily. She has a bag of her, and Hicks takes it off and she sees where she is going. Bill tells Hicks not to take it off, and Hicks just says she needs fresh air. Bill and Megan talk while they are walking in the building. She calls him a traitor and spits in his face. Bill remarks "Hicks, that's why your not supposed to take that mask off."

The prisoners of Building 7 have escaped; Ted Asher, an alpha able to see flaws and weak points in a structure, was able to break through the southeast wall, and a prison break ensues. Gary and Bill are taken with Scipio, but, with help from Rachel and Dr. Rosen, Hicks is able to disable their vehicle with a long-range shot. Scipio escapes, but Gary and Bill are safe.