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Cameron Hicks/Season 1
Portrayed By Warren Christie
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Patti Hicks (ex-wife)
Tyler Hicks (son)
Alpha Type Hyperkinetic Hyperkinetic

Cameron Hicks is a main character and is a Hyperkinetic Alpha.


Cameron Hicks is working at a grocery store when his cell phone rings. He answers, hears a warbling tone and reads a text message with a location and time. A mysterious figure wearing white gloves, The Ghost, is in the store when Cameron receives the call. People (an Elderly Woman in the store, the manager of the store, a woman pushing a stroller, an infant in a stroller and a man on the street) and media around him seem to be urging him that "It's time to Kill" and "Pull the trigger." Cameron proceeds to a rooftop where he finds a sniper rifle left for him. He fires one round toward an unidentified building.

In response to Hick's sniper assassination, Wilson has Rosen gather the four gifted individuals (who Rosen calls "Alphas") to investigate. They track Hicks back to his apartment and capture him, finding out that he has been brainwashed by the Ghost. Using the Ghost's phone signals, they find him at an upscale hotel, and chase him until he jumps to his death from a rooftop patio.

Later, it's revealed that the jumper was another mind-controlled patsy, and the Ghost has followed the team back to their office. The Ghost takes Rachel hostage, but Hicks is able to control his ability well enough to shoot the mind-controller dead. Rosen gives Hicks an option; join his Alpha team or be put on trial for his brainwashed assassination.

Cause & Effect[]

After relocating to a new office in Queens, New York, Lee Rosen's group is settling in – or trying to. Hicks feels like he doesn't belong.

Dr. Rosen's very first Alpha patient, has escaped from Binghamton Special Research Facility (the place where Alphas who misuse their abilities are held) and he seems to have a violent agenda. Dr. Rosen knows all too well that Marcus is capable of controlling almost everything around him, which makes him extremely dangerous and almost impossible to catch. Rosen asks Hicks to study Marcus since they have similar powers.

The team thinks that Marcus is after Nathan Clay, but when everyone is distracted Marcus kidnaps Dr. Rosen so that he can explain that a war is brewing between Alpha humans and non-alphas. Even though he surrenders, Clay shoots Marcus in the chest.

Anger Management[]

Rosen thinks the Alpha in question is able to fire off bursts of pheromones when he or she feels threatened in order to cause mayhem. After taking a look at the surveillance tape, the team finds the Alpha they are looking for: A 17 year-old woman named Tracy Beaumont.

When the team spots Beaumont, she sees them too and ducks into a youth hostel. Immediately, her pheromones cause a riot in the building. Tracy gets away but the team is able to catch her "brother", Matthew Hurley, who seems to be aware of, but immune to Tracy's powers.

Bill Harken, the only Alpha member who isn't affected by Matthew's power, catches Matthew and knocks him out cold. Meanwhile, Cameron Hicks manages to fight off Matthew's power by use of a serotonin shot, is able to save Tracy's life. With Matthew safely secured at the Binghamton Special Research Facility and his ex-girlfriend safe from harm, the team is left to ponder what will become of them now that Agent Wilson, their Homeland Security handler, is dead. Ironically, Gary and Hicks, the two team-members who had the most trouble adjusting, are the two who are least worried. Especially after Hicks fixes the humming only Gary can hear.


While raiding a Red Flag operation, Rosen and his team find Anna, an Alpha who can understand and translate any language. While the others try to track down and stop Milo Cosar, Gary bonds with Anna the Red Flag leader over their similar conditions.

At a suburban home, Rosen and his Alpha team are there, and they confirm that the man inside is Milos Kosar, the man who sent the Ghost after them. Gary found him while scanning for cell phone signals. Rachel confirms there are three people inside, and Bill coordinates the assault teams. Cameron is leading another team and they prepare to move in. Sullivan is there and asks Rosen for her opinion on what to do with Bill and Cameron.

Cameron's squad realizes that the approach to the house is too open. Cameron draws a pair of guns and tells them that he'll get them in. Rosen finally gives the order for them to move in. Bill bolsters his strength and Perlich uses his own Alpha ability to sense other Alphas coming. Cameron shoots the door off of its hinges and Bill breaks in. Cosar tries to grab his tablet but Perlich grabs him and they head for the door. Cosar concentrates... and the lights go out around the block. After a few seconds the lights come up and Rachel reports that she is only picking up one heartbeat in the backroom. Cameron and Bill investigate and find a woman sitting in a rocking chair, seemingly oblivious to their presence.

The next morning, Cameron and Bill resent that they were sent in against unknown Alphas without being told.

Bill, Sullivan, and Cameron drive to intercept the Northwell truck. They try to divert their truck to an intersection by pulling in front of it. A second van moves to intercept, cutting the truck off on the side road. When Bill and the others arrive, they order the driver men out but discover that they have the wrong truck.

At the office, Rosen tries to work out Kosar's plan. Cameron comes in and advises Rosen not to take it personal, but the doctor points out that Red Flag tried to kill him. The hyperkinetic concedes the point but tells Rosen to let Kosar make the mistakes.

Bill and Cameron try to work out Red Flag's plan and they realize they need to see a list of all the other Northwell trucks on the roads. There are too many to cover all of them.

Kosar and Perlich drive up to Montclair and Purlec senses Cameron and Bill coming. They drive through the security gate and Bill and Cameron follow them in. Kosar realizes that they won't make it in time and has Perlich take the wheel and get as close as possible to set off the charges. As he jumps out, Cameron tries to get a clear shot at the truck. Cosar electrifies the nearby water puddles, jamming the ignition on the pursuing vehicle. Bill goes after Kosar while Cameron shoots Perlich's hand before he can set off the charge. Kosar sees the detonator and runs to get it, and Bill shoves a van, smashing the detonator. When Bill touches the van, Kosar electrifies it, shocking him. Kosar runs to the explosive pack beneath the truck and activates it electronically, killing himself and Perlich while Bill gets to cover just in time.

Never Let Me Go[]

At Alpha headquarters, Dr. Rosen presents the team with a new tool— official badges. Although Bill prefers to use his own FBI badge, the rest of the team is exacted that this will help them cut through red tape at investigation sites. The badges come just in the nick of time, since Agent Sullivan wants the team to see what's going on in Fenton.

When the local sheriff dies of internal decay, just like Mr. Howard, Rosen knows it's time to call in the rest of the team. When they arrive, Dr. Rosen shares what he knows and Bill immediately notices that the "passionate" local coach is connected to all of the victims so the team heads to the high school to investigate further.

Once Hicks and Bill determine that Chris Elkhart's death was suicide, rather than a tragic accident, the pieces start to fall into place. The mother is the Alpha that is killing everyone, and Rachel is her next victim.After the team saves Rachel—just barely—they capture Ms. Elkhart at the coach's house and get her sent off to Binghamton.

Catch and Release[]

Dr. Rosen notices the sexual tension between Hicks and Nina and wants to make sure they don’t get romantically involved.

When Agent Sullivan finds out about the incident with Skylar Adams, the team heads over to her loft to investigate. Thanks to Rachel’s abilities, the team gets a lead on Skylar’s whereabouts and tracks her down at a farmer’s market in Brooklyn. Somehow, however, the soldiers have gotten to the farmer’s market first. With Skylar in danger, the team jumps into action and is able, just barely, to save her. Not that she appreciates it.

With Gary’s unexpected assistance, the team finds out that Skylar has been protecting her mathematically gifted daughter Zoe all along. Somehow, Skylar’s Alpha abilities have been passed on to her daughter in a remarkable way and Skylar has been trying to prevent her from becoming a human guinea pig. Making a judgment call that he knows could land him in hot water, Dr. Rosen allows Skylar and her daughter to escape.

A Short Time in Paradise[]

At the Alpha home office, Hicks is having troubles at home that are making him eye the liquor bottle.

Distraught, Hicks seeks out a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where he runs into the same Jonas from 1980, all grown up and full of a pleasant angelic power that overtakes everyone at the meeting and puts them in a blissful state. Eager to share his newfound happiness Hicks finds Nina and brings her to Jonas’ mansion. Nina can tell that the people around her have been pushed but her own pushing powers don’t work on Jonas and he soon puts her under his spell.

When one of Jonas’ new acolytes falls ill, Nina and Hicks suggest that Jonas call Dr. Rosen for help. Dr. Rosen comes right over and is eventually able to treat one of the patients but when the cured patient just wants to go home, Jonas is appalled that his “gift” has been scorned.

Unable to reason with Jonas, Dr. Rosen steals the medicine back and injects Nina who comes out of her trance quickly enough to help inject Bill and the others. Horrified, Jonas makes ready to end it all by burning down the mansion and everyone in it. The only way Dr. Rosen can stop Jonas is by shooting him—something he’s never done.

Blind Spot[]

During an MRI, Dr. Rosen discovers that Dr. Kern has no optic nerve, which seems impossible since Kern definitely seemed to see Nina and Hicks. It appears that Kern has acute sonar abilities. Since Nina and Hicks took everything they could find from Kern's office, the team starts to analyze the data.

As more and more things go awry within the office, Rachel's senses pick up a new heartbeat. She follows her senses to the elevator, where she is attacked and kidnapped by someone unseen. Kern warns Rosen that the invisible person is very dangerous and offers to help, but the team doesn't believe him.

By tapping into a surveillance camera across the street, Gary is able to see the perpetrator, but when Hicks gives chase he is cut with a knife. Nina barely has time to bandage Hicks up, when the team hears gunfire. They follow the sound to find bullet marks in the bulletproof glass around Kern's cell. Kern tells them that a woman lurking in the building is an assassin named Griffin and renews his appeal to help but the team passes. Meanwhile, cracks and rips begin to appear throughout the building.

Kern breaks out of his cell and goes for Griffin who barely manages to kill Kern thanks to a timely distraction by Bill. Before she vanishes, Griffin gives Bill a mysterious name: Stanton Parish.

The team is left to clean up Kern's mess and hope that things get easier. Meanwhile Nina and Hicks are conflicted about whether or not they should pursue a relationship.

The Unusual Suspects[]

One by one, the Alpha Team is taken down with tranquilizer darts and relocated to Binghamton, the facility for the "bad" Alphas they usually send away. When a shaky Dr. Rosen demands to know what's going on, he is granted an audience with Nathan Clay, who makes the claim that someone on Rosen's team is a Red Flag mole.

Clay talks to each of the team members, trying to ferret out the mole, but it doesn't work—even though he's also using Eric Latreaux, an Alpha-powered, human lie detector. Out of options, Clay throws the lot of them into a cafeteria, so the team can find the mole amongst themselves.

Clay's plan backfires, however, when the team uses a combination of their powers and some exaggerated pain on the part of Dr. Rosen to escape. Unwilling to kill the whole team, Clay must let them go and wait for round two. When the team regroups in an abandoned warehouse, tempers flare as they all accuse each other of being the mole. Suspicion comes to rest most heavily on Cameron Hicks, as Dr. Rosen explains about the numerous cash deposits Hicks has been making—a fact which Gary Bell discovered. With Clay and the rest of the DoD closing in fast, a fight erupts between Hicks and Bill Harken and Dr. Rosen gets punched in the face.

Clay is going to let Eric freelance for the Alpha team. In reference to the mysterious cash deposits, Hicks finally admits to selling his baseball "fame" (two no-hitter games during his minor league days) for his son's college fund. Things are almost back to normal when Bill suddenly collapses in a heap.