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Cameron Hicks
Portrayed By Warren Christie
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen God's Eye
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Family Patti Hicks (ex-wife)
Tyler Hicks (son)
Alpha Type Hyperkinetic Hyperkinetic

Cameron Hicks is a former marine corps sniper and baseball pitcher, and a Hyperkinetic Alpha. He came to the attention of Lee Rosen's group when he was coerced by The Ghost into killing the Prisoner via (under ordinary circumstances) an impossible shot with a pre-positioned sniper rifle.



Cameron Hicks was a former Marine Corps sniper and former minor-league baseball player with hyperkinesis. Hicks has a son named Tyler Hicks and is divorced from Tyler's mom. Baseball didn't work out, so, to make ends meet, he took up jobs such as stocking shelves at a grocery store (which is what he is doing when we meet him). He was brainwashed no more than a week before the start of the series timeline by The Ghost so that he could do his (The Ghost's) bidding.

Season 1[]

Episode One: Hicks, who was working at a grocery store at the time, received a call, only to hear strange tones through the receiver.  Right after getting this call, Cameron starts to hear and see people saying "It's time to kill", "Time to kill, Hicks?", and "Pull the trigger".  He leaves the grocery store and, aside from everyone around him saying these things, he starts to see the words on bill boards.  Before long, he finds himself in front of a building and goes in.  After going directly to the roof, he finds a sniper rifle under some rubbish, sets it up, takes aim and pulls the trigger.

Later on, Hicks returns to work, but is told that he had left in the middle of a shift, didn't call and never returned.  He was very confused because he didn't remember doing that.  Cameron was fired, so he headed home to his apartment.  Upon arriving there, he found Rachel Pirzad examining his clothing.  He yell, "Hey, what the hell are you doing?"  The next moment, Bill Harken burst in.  The two scrapped for a bit as Cameron tried to run, seemingly matched due to Hicks' Hyperkinesis and Harken's enhanced strength.

However, Hicks gets the best of Harken and flees down a fire escape with flare.  He runs until he is blocked by a mini van driven by Nina.  He asks her why she is chasing him and she asks why he is running.  Cameron thinks for a confused moment then says, "I don't know."  Nina uses her ability to make him sleep.

Hicks wakes up strapped into an MRI machine.  Dr. Lee Rosen simply asks him to hold still.  Rosen finds that there is a abnormal mass in Hicks brain that is caused by being brainwashed (or forced induction) by someone who is called The Ghost. 

Later, we see Hick handcuffed to a chair. Rosen tells him that he was brainwashed into murdering someone and Hicks tells him what happened after receiving the phone call. Then Rosen un-cuffed Hicks and explains that he (Hicks) is, what Dr. Rosen calls, an Alpha.  As an example, Rosen asks Hicks to buy him a soda from a vending machine from a distance.  Cameron tries but is doubtful that it is possible and self-conscious, but he tries.  After trying for a few times, he is able to throw two quarters into the change slot on the machine, one after the other.

Hicks meets with the rest of the team and they decide to have Hicks answer the phone next time The Ghost calls and then inject him with a medication that counters the effects of forced induction.


Hicks Takes Aim

As a hyperkinetic alpha, Hicks possesses flawless aim, perfect balance, and greatly enhanced motor skills. He can make what ordinary humans would consider impossibly precise shots with almost any weapon or tool. Be it a hand gun, sniper rifle, pencil or even a rock. He was able to kill an apprehended suspect in a windowless sealed interrogation room by firing a bullet from a rooftop across the street, through the ventilation shaft that lead to the room, angling the bullet perfectly to hit his target in the head despite not being able to see him. His reflexes are so attuned they allow him to move and maneuver perfectly with no hesitation, allowing him to instantly dodge incoming attacks and projectiles. He can even use his ability to "backtrack" events to figure out the point of origin for a given set of events or scenarios, as seen when he figured out how Marcus Ayers was able to use a quarter to set off a complicated chain of cause and effect to kill Dr. Vijal Singh. The only other alphas seen to get the upper hand in a fight against him are other, more experienced, hyperkinetic alphas.

Physical Appearance[]

Hicks is a white male, and he has a slight build and a short cut. He is able to do jumps and flips, suggesting he does work out. In the second season, Hicks has let his hair grow out.


  • Hicks' Hyperkinetic ability gives him superhuman reflexes and precision, but come with the downside that when he is stressed, these same abilities become much worse than those of the average Human.
  • Another downside is that he will place all blame for any failure on himself.
  • He often bounces a baseball off of walls with precision, seemingly using his ability when relaxing or waiting around the office.
  • Using part of his ability, he can trace an event and find out what happened by the evidence left behind, working backwards by following trajectory's and geometry angles his alpha ability makes him attuned to.
  • Cameron Hicks is also a recovering alcoholic and prescription drug addict, specifically pain medications.
  • In the second season, Cameron Hicks had a sexual and romantic relationship with Danielle Rosen.
    • Rosen's powers, which involve an emotional feedback loop, may mimic in Hicks the "highs" he felt while drunk or under the influence of narcotics
  • As a downside on being a Hyperkinetic, he has:
    • Psychosomatic Superpower Outage- When under stress, his self-doubt makes his skills worse than the average person.