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Brian Kessler
Portrayed By Arnold Pinnock
Seen In "Life After Death"
Status Living
Gender Male


Alpha Type Electrogenic Electrogenic

Brian Kessler is an Electrogenic Alpha.


Season 2[]

Brian and his "wife" Jane Kessler show up at the office and claim that they are parents of Baby Adam. The ruse soon fails when Gary realizes that they have no electronic history. Brian attacks Bill and is able to hold his own, until he is caught by surprise and knocked unconscious. Presumably he is sent to Binghamton.


"Brian Kessler" is almost certainly an alias. It is not clear if he and Jane are actually married.

It is not established if Brian is a mercenary or works for the organization responsible for giving Baby Adam Alpha abilities.

Unlike other Electrogenics, Brian only displayed the ability to generate electricity via touch. He also displayed brief bursts of Hyperadrenal-like strength, so he may sacrifice range for temporary boosts of strength and/or a more powerful charge than the average Electrogenic.