Vital statistics
Creator(s) Skylar Adams
User(s) National Security Agency
Skylar Adams
Appearances "Catch and Release"

Bob is an incremental bio-electrical parser created by Skylar Adams. The device uses bioelectric signatures and satellites to track down anyone on earth. Skylar designed Bob's brain to be the most advanced processor in the world.


Skylar Adams worked for the NSA to create Bob in a research facility in Cheshire, Connecticut. the NSA Later used a device to track down Skyler but they can never lock onto her exact location due to a processing error. Skyler and Nina Theroux later infiltrated the NSA's research facility then stole Bob's processing core and destroyed the rest of the machine. After Skyler and her daughter Zoe escape to Canada she gave the processing core to Dr. Lee Rosen and he subsequently destroyed it to prevent it from being immorally used.

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