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Blind Spot
Season One, Episode Nine
Air Date September 12, 2011
Written By Ira Steven Behr
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Directed By Michael Watkins
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Blind Spot is the ninth episode of the first Alphas season.


Dr. Graham Kern, a suspected Alpha and Red Flag collaborator is brought into the office for questioning. Thankfully, the DoD has just installed an industrial-grade detention chamber for such occurrences and, even though he's lost his Alpha ability, Bill is happy things are moving in a more military direction.

During an MRI, Dr. Rosen discovers that Dr. Kern has no optic nerve, which seems impossible since Kern definitely seemed to see Nina and Hicks. It appears that Kern has acute sonar abilities.

Since Nina and Hicks took everything they could find from Kern's office, the team starts to analyze the data. Rachel's keen sense of sight allows her to see something sinister: Kern's vitamins for pregnant women are filled with active human DNA. Dr. Rosen asks Kern about it and Kern admits that his vitamins are designed to create new Alphas. The two of them continue to talk and Kern tries to recruit Rosen into Red Flag to create a future where Alphas and the "unenhanced" can work together.

As more and more things go awry within the office, Rachel's senses pick up a new heartbeat. She follows her senses to the elevator, where she is attacked and kidnapped by someone unseen. Panicked, Dr. Rosen confronts Kern, demanded to know what he did with Rachel but Kern is just as surprised as Rosen that there is an extra person in the building. Kern warns Rosen that the invisible person is very dangerous and offers to help, but the team doesn't believe him.

Rosen deduces that the invisible person must have found a way to move about in the team's collective blind spot. By tapping into a surveillance camera across the street, Gary is able to see the perpetrator, but when Hicks gives chase he is cut with a knife. Nina barely has time to bandage Hicks up, when the team hears gunfire. They follow the sound to find bullet marks in the bulletproof glass around Kern's cell. Kern tells them that a woman lurking in the building is an assassin named Griffin and renews his appeal to help but the team passes. Meanwhile, cracks and rips begin to appear throughout the building.

Rosen decides to go on the offensive by injecting Bill with a serum designed to bring back his powers and having the team coat every surface of the office with substances like mustard and baby powder. The next time Griffin moves, they plan to see her. The ploy works when they see Griffin's footprints moving in the powder. They chase her, but Griffin was ready for them and she locks them in their own offices—only Gary is left to defend them.

With time and options running out, Rachel bursts into the room and clobbers Griffin with a laptop. Rachel had been tied up in an air duct but was able to free herself. With Griffin subdued, the team learns that it is Kern, not Griffin, who is causing all the cracks in the building. His sonic abilities also allow him to produce powerful, low-frequency vibrations, undermining the structural integrity of the building. Kern breaks out of his cell and goes for Griffin who barely manages to kill Kern thanks to a timely distraction by Bill. Before she vanishes, Griffin gives Bill a mysterious name: Stanton Parish.

The team is left to clean up Kern's mess and hope that things get easier. Meanwhile Nina and Hicks are conflicted about whether or not they should pursue a relationship.


Hicks: Cream, no sugar. What? I pay attention.

Bill: What, like a bat?
Rosen: Or a dolphin.

Bill: If only we can get the DoD to buy us a new car.

Nina: Cam, I've screwed up every relationship I've ever had.
Hicks: Me too.
Nina: So we're perfect for each other.

Gary: People shouldn't be touching my phone. It was a gift. It's special.
Rachel: Okay, And it's back in your hands, it's fine.
Gary: Yeah, no, it's not. 'Cause it's open to data files and those are private.
Rosen: Yes, Gary's phone is private. Please, no one is to touch it unless they have Gary's permission.
Gary: Yeah, and the answer's no.

Rosen: And, Gary, you will look into the cell phone and computer transmissions?
Gary: That's just data mining. People without abilities can data-mine.
Bill: Well, you know, we can't all do that. I can't do that, Gary.
Nina: Neither can I.
Rosen: No, we all know you are much more than your abilities, Gary. You have very many talents.
Gary: I know, I'm amazing.

Bill: Let me tell you something... happiness is a warm gun and mine is a Sig 226. You got me?
Dr. Kern: I want my lawyer.
Bill: Yeah, and I want a Reuben sandwich.
Dr. Kern: I'll have my lawyer pick you up one.

Rosen: Well, regardless of its scope, you and your friends tried to assassinate me.
Dr. Kern: Fringe elements, radicals, not representative of the mainstream.
Rosen: You know, it's amazing how often people use that term--"fringe elements." Hmm. Occurs to me that the IRA, PLO, KKK--all fringe elements whose very existence depends upon the support of their mainstream fellow travellers.

Gary: That witch took my phone!
Rosen: What witch?
Gary: The witch! That's the word my mom uses when she's angry. She uses another word, too.

Gary: Duck and cover! Bill, duck and cover!
Bill: Gary, Gary, watch her.
Gary: I--yeah, okay. I'll do both. I'll watch, and I'll cover. I'll cover her.

Production Notes[]


Bill: Let me tell you something... happiness is a warm gun and mine is a Sig 226.

"Happiness Is a Warm Gun" is a 1968 song by the Beatles from The White Album.

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