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The Binghamton Special Research Facility is a government run facility located in or near Binghamton, New York where Alphas who are a threat to society are imprisoned. The compound, run by the Department of Defense, also acts as a research facility for investigating the Alpha phenomenon.

Binghamton, in the Southern Tier of New York State, is an ideal location for the facility. Nearby high-tech centers (including Lockheed Martin) keep their work protected against corporate espionage, using many of the same security features as the DoD. Meanwhile, the rural surroundings allowed them to keep the inmates isolated and out of the public eye.

The Alpha Marcus Ayers was the first person to have escaped custody of the facility.[1] Rosen's Team later escaped after being held for questioning.[2] Another major escape was made from building 7, which was initiated by Red Flag.[3]

Building 7[]

Building 7

In Building 7 the most violent or dangerous alphas are confined, who have misused their abilities to commit murder or other felonies. A holding facility reserved for the "worse of the worse", Alphas who get sent here are usually never released and detained here for life. Special chips are implanted into the inmates' necks, which are used to control them by reducing their self-awareness to a level where they can merely walk or sit around.

Notable Alphas[]

Facility Personnel[]

  • Dr. Vijal Singh – Former lead medical officer and former head of the facility.
  • Nathan Clay – Presumably the director of security.