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Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure
Season One, Episode Six
Air Date August 15, 2011
Written By Adam Levy
Directed By Leslie Libman
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"Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure" is the sixth episode of Alphas. It originally aired on Syfy from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm on August 15, 2011.


A young woman complains about her classes while walking with a personal bodyguard, mentioning that her rich father won't approve of her grades. A van comes to a stop next to them; masked men pop out, set off smoke bombs, and grab the heiress.

While investigating another case, Bill overhears the details of the kidnapping while at a local police precinct. At the same time, Gary, while surfing through electronic signals, sees a video of the kidnapped woman. He mentions the video to Bill, who decides that the case is just what he needs to get back in the FBI, using the influence of the girl's rich father. Since the ransom demand mentions a Mexican cartel Bill used to investigate, he visits one of his old contacts at a small Mexican restaurant.

Using Gary's scan of the informant's cellphone to intimidate the contact, Bill rules out the cartel's involvement. They track one of the kidnappers to a bar, but when Gary reveals their presence, Bill gets into a physical altercation, and loses the suspect. Gary insists that he can track the kidnappers' phone, despite the FBI's demands that Bill stay off of the case.

At this point, desperate to solve the case, Bill convinces Dr. Rosen to involve the entire team to help find the kidnapped woman.

Meanwhile, one of the kidnappers explains to the heiress that as soon as he receives the ransom, he will kill her. While the woman sobs, he asks that she send him a signal from the afterlife to indicate that it exists.

The kidnappers make another call, set up the drop point for the ransom money. The heiress' bodyguard joins the FBI agent in his car. While following them, Gary and Bill realize that the bodyguard is one of the kidnappers. She tazes the FBI agent, but Gary stops her car, and Nina is able to push the bodyguard to find the girl's location. After a brief fight in the apartment where she is being held, Bill returns the woman to her father.

Despite a generous offer to return to the FBI, Bill decides to stay with Rosen and his fellow Alphas.


Gary: Yeah Bill, I keep saying that. You need to work on your listening skills.

Gary: I told you it was there. I'm a good partner.
Bill: Yes, you are a good partner.
Gary: Partners get to drive, Bill.
Bill: Don't even start that, Gary.

Agent Lou Persky: Who's this kid?
Gary: I'm Bill's partner. Gary Bell. I'm, I'm a computer genius. No. I'm a data analyst.
Bill: Agent Bell is a very gifted member of my team.
Gary: I'm a high-functioning autistic. Thirty-two on the CARS Scale.

Alonso: What are you gonna do? Send me back to jail?
Gary: No. We don't send people to jail. We send them to the compound.
Bill: Gary.
Gary: Unless they're dead. Sometimes they get killed.
(Bill grabs the suspect by the neck)
Gary: Bill, don't break his clavicle!!

Gary: Bill, I can't eat this. It's all, it's all mashed together. There's beans and there's rice and meat. There's green stuff.
Bill: That's good. That's your vegetables. You gotta eat your vegetables.
Gary: No. There's no division. It needs to be separate.
Bill: Gary, listen to me. If you want to be a federal agent, you gotta learn to eat on the fly.

Gary:No. We need to go and tell the FBI that they're wrong.
Bill:Oh, hell, no.
Gary:Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because the cartel didn't take Lisa. Alonso told us.
Bill:No. We're not taking anything anywhere, okay? Until we get more evidence, okay? We have to build a rock-solid case before we take this to Persky. So, it's time to step up our game, partner.
Gary: Step up our game. Step up our game.

Gary: DCIS, we ask the questions.
Cop: Where'd you get that?
Gary: I told you we ask the questions, respect the badge.

Rachel: There's too much traffic. Gary, we're gonna have to run.
Gary: No, we just ate; you're not supposed to run after you eat.
Rachel: Please Gary.
Gary: It's a medical fact!

Bill: So I located Gary, he's at the 18th precinct. He was arrested for illegal parking and resisting arrest and for impersonating a federal officer. He should be out in about fifteen years.

Gary: I was already arrested today.

Hicks: So I was going to say that I was just in the neighborhood, but I think we both know that's BS. Because... I don't hang out in this neighborhood. Hell, I can barely afford to walk down the sidewalk.

Gary: Don't laugh.
Bill: I'm--I'm not laughing.
Gary: It's not fair.
Bill: I'm laughing near you, I'm not laughing at you.

Sara Nelson: Why didn't you call someone before you went after that guy?
Bill: Because I was...
Agent Lou Persky: Because he wants to take credit for the arrest for himself.
Bill: Oh yeah?
Agent Lou Persky: Yeah. Trying to weasel your way back into the Bureau on my case. That takes balls.
Gary: Ha. He said "balls." That's a good joke.

Bill: I told 'em.
Rosen: You told them what?
Bill: Come on, you know. So why don't you just say it? Go ahead, come on, I want to hear you.
Rosen: But Bill...
Bill: "Bill, you know, well, given the choice, uh, you've decided to stay. And, uh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, science and..."
Rosen: Well, sounds like me, minus the "blah, blah, blah." But you know, Bill, I'm a professional. I can gloat in private.

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