Bill Harken
Portrayed By Malik Yoba
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Jeannie Harken (wife)


Alpha Type Alphatype-hyperadrenal.jpg Hyperadrenal

Bill Harken is a former FBI agent and a hyperadrenal Alpha on Rosen's team. His wife Jeannie thought he was still employed with the FBI. Bill was suspended from the Bureau after getting angry with a colleague and accidentally shoving him through a solid wall; he only planned on staying with Rosen's team until his suspension was over. He's since decided to stay on the team, even though the Bureau offered to reinstate him.



Bill was a FBI agent, before the series, but has suspeneded due to harming another member. Bill was on Rosen's team (or at least he was until his suspension was done).

Season 1

Season 2

Physical Appearance

Bill is an African-American and is dark. He has a strong build and a slightly shaved head. In the first season of Alphas, he has a "badass beard". But in the second season it is not there.


Bill has the ability to enhance his strength and speed triggered by a "fight or flight" response. It is implied that he can activate this state at will. Bill cannot stay in this state for very long or else he will become cripplingly fatigued. Bill suffers from anger management issues. He has what Rosen describes as "boundary issues"; he routinely samples other people's food without asking permission.


  • Bill used to work with the FBI, before an incident where he broke his superior's clavicle. Despite an offer to return to the bureau during Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure, Bill preferred to stay with the team.
  • Bill can also enhance the strength in his legs, enabling him to run considerably faster.
  • In addition to enhanced strength and speed, he also seems to become invulnerable, and only seems to respond to pain after he stops using his ability.
  • Bill seems to be immune to Matthew Hurley's power to make people mad.
  • He can stand still and take a beating from three armed men, one of whom is tasing him continuously, without moving. Partially explained by his ability to control his adrenaline rushes, as adrenaline is known to make it easier to ignore pain. The aches, pains, and injuries he must logically have collected don't seem to affect him later, either.
  • Though he was as ambivalent towards Gary as everyone else on the team, Bill always laughs at Gary's antics where others would fume in early episodes (quite possibly the result of the actor not being able to keep a straight face). This provides some early indications of his later friendship with Gary following "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure".
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