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Season 2

The following page provides information on Bill specifically during Season 2. For general information on Bill, please refer to this page.

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Bill Harken/Season 2
Portrayed By Malik Yoba
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Jeannie Harken (wife)


Alpha Type Alphatype-hyperadrenal Hyperadrenal

Bill Harken continues to be a main character and a Hyperadrenal Alpha.

Wake Up Call[]

Hicks and Bill continue to work for the DoD, working to capture a trio of alphas who have been pulling off armed robberies. The thieves use Sonic, Hyperadrenal, and Electrogenic abilties. Bill fights the hyperadrenal but is overpowered but he is able to capture Megan Bates, the electrogenic alpha. They bring her to Binghamton, where a new program of incarceration has been instituted in Building 7. Bill notices that Gary is one of the Wake_Up_Call# inmates, and they find out that after being transfered to the NSA, Gary had a confrontation in the office that led to his stay at Binghamton. While they work to free Gary, Meg uses her alpha ability to override the chip system throughout Building 7. The guards are quickly overtaken. Bill does his best taking down a few inmates but then he is attacked by Ted Asher an alpha that can see weak spots and seems to hold a grudge against him and hits Bill in the heart. Bill is soon locked up with Gary. They are then captured and put in a van by Cornell Scipio; however they are saved by Hicks who shoots the van. Afterwards he is with the team and agrees on bringing the team back together.